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  1. omega

    Masters of MGE Scout Registration Page

    Nickname: Omega Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/omegasynthetic Hours of TF2: 4200 Challonge username: omegasynthetic
  2. omega

    Malaysia TF2 LAN Party!

  3. Are we going to be using mumble during the competition or are we going to be yelling at each other? And if we are going to be using mumble I'm assuming the PCs already have them equipped?
  4. omega


    Well I just wasted 14 seconds of my life
  5. omega

    Malaysia TF2 LAN Party!

    I SO EXCITE. And why are there only 4 figures?
  6. omega

    Malaysia TF2 LAN Party!

    Thanks to Cell for the creating the poster!
  7. omega

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Alright, peace out man.
  8. omega

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Wow, my grammar and vocabulary in that sentence. Jesus, what was I doing writing this when I was so tired. What I meant to say was "Even though they were saying it in the wrong way, I was far from perfect". I meant no disrespect to you, spammah, or k1. I'm just listing the facts and stating that the arguments did happen. And yeah, we had a huge one. I even remember it being on Snakewater. People were telling both of us to calm down lol. I don't have a problem with you anymore and I hope you don't have one with me. But if you want, go ahead and list out my faults. Or my previous faults. I don't really mind.
  9. omega

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Good day to you, DLH. I haven't read all the comments but I get your general idea. I get the fact that you seem to greatly dislike the fact that everyone shit talks when you do something wrong or something you're incapable of doing. Or, something you don't know about. First things, first. I started pugging February of 2013. Coming into the servers, I was a horrible player. My dm was horrible, my gamesense was horrible, my everything was horrible. I even had fucked up hats. People yelled at me in voice chat, people used oh-so-many capital letters in text chat. It was quite bad. I remember playing one game, and then having to leave halfway and getting banned because of it. This is just how most people start their pugging career, am I right? Right now, I'm a better player and a better person because of the criticism and hateful comments aimed at me. Don't get me wrong, I used to hate it at times, in pugs. I used to grit my teeth when insults were thrown at me. But I never ignored them, nor did I forget them. Because however harsh and demeaning they were, people always had something to say that would help me improve how I learned. I had a serious argument with a couple of people in the AF community like k1nfran and spammah. I now realize, even they were doing stuff wrong, I wasn't perfect either. You make your argument seem as if this problem of you getting yelled at, is nothing to do you with you other than your dm and gamesense. You're wrong. Couple of tips for you. Stop being so defensive when someone tells you something, in a positive way or an unkind way. Just take it, see how you went wrong, and learn from your mistakes. You seem to be saying sorry for all the wrong reasons. You shouldn't be saying sorry when someone says you're "lagging like a dog". There's nothing to apologize for: it was a plain and simple comment directed at your internet, not you or your skill. "dlh what you doing the entire match" was what Teddy asked you after that. Although not the nicest way to ask you, it was still a valid question or a comment to which you could have replied "sorry what do I do". But instead, you ignored his comment and from how you described it, seemed to continue doing what you were doing. Alright let me ask you, who is the more experienced player in this context? Obvsiously, Teddy. Now when Teddy was telling you to "go back", which you seemed to ignore, he's teaching you how to play properly. He may be yelling or saying so unkindly, but he wouldn't tell you to do something that would get you killed or get the team to fail, now would he. The fact that he told you to come back means that he probably knows that you were going to fail: either because you already had a track record throughout the match of failing, or perhaps more likely that, the other team was aware of your presence/your team was falling back and couldn't support you. There are countless reasons why he would tell you to retreat but as you have made it clear, you seem to ignore advice unless it is handed to you on a silver platter with a cherry on top. You should listen to what older and more experienced players have to say about your performance because whatever they say is invaluable in how much you improve. Never ignore it and never write it off as just the other player's bad attitude. Sure, it's that too. But there's a limit to how many times someone can spoon feed you information and advice. I don't know where I'm going with this, just yeah. Bye.
  10. omega

    LAN Appreciation

    I'm quite sad I wasn't able to attend. Maybe next time. Great job 6kings! (need pictures )
  11. omega


    Maybe we ask Greaver, extv or vanilla or something to cast?
  12. omega

    AFHL Mixes 2 Week #1 [10/1/2014]

    Oh okay then. In that case, I'll stick with sniper. If anyone desperately wants sniper just ask me
  13. omega

    AFHL Mixes 2 Week #1 [10/1/2014]

    Is there a way to put me in a class that is the last spot remaining? I really don't mind playing anything and I don't want to hinder anyone from playing the class they enjoy
  14. omega

    AFHL Mixes 2 Week #1 [10/1/2014]

    Name: Omega Desired Class: Sniper Steam Profile URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/omegasynthetic
  15. I don't see potatoes. Where are they ._.