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    AsiaFortress Cup 12 Team Disqualification



    AsiaFortress Cup 12 Team Disqualification

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    It has recently come to light that team Kweebs has been utilizing a smurf account of a banned player.


    l0203006.log:L 02/03/2017 - 23:15:27: "teehee<433><[U:1:139041873]><>" connected, address "125.212.xxx.xx:42407"

    l0723049.log:L 07/23/2017 - 20:26:26: "Spongebutt<219><[U:1:155077433]><>" connected, address "125.212.xxx.xx:36923"

    Player ‘teehee’ was banned from AsiaFortress League participation for one season due to smurfing in Division 3 while participating in Division 2. Matching IPs between players ‘teehee’ and ‘Spongebutt’ were found, indicating that both are the same player.


    Player ‘teehee’ received a league ban for 1 season and has failed to follow his sentence. Therefore, his ban has been extended to 2 seasons (until AFC14).

    Furthermore, Kweebs has been utilising the smurf of a player banned from league participation, and will therefore have to be disqualified from the competition, overturning all of their matches to their opponents.

    Finally, team leader “Rustic” has been suspended from captaining for 1 season (until AFC14).

    In summary:

    • Kweebs has been disqualified.
    • Team leader of Kweebs, “Rustic” suspended from captaining for 1 season.
    • ‘teehee’ ban extended to 2 seasons.
    • Matches overturned

    The administrators would like to remind bans and suspensions meted out by the team are to be taken seriously, and that circumventing them will lead to further consequence.
    Furthermore, the team would like to remind all captains and participants that it is your responsibility to ensure that players picked up are not of a shady or problematic nature, lest it affect the team in league competitions.

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