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    Do you keep a straight face writing these
  2. Peach

    AsiaFortress Cup 11: Player Ban

    Ellie was the one that I appealed to and he agreed to unban me as long as I use my main (the one I use now) on shana from then on. I pursued this matter with Bolts from Shana last time.
  3. Peach

    AsiaFortress Cup 11: Player Ban

    if zazel is still actively playing I'd be real hyped
  4. Peach

    AsiaFortress Cup 11: Player Ban

    Hi this is the momo that has been banned as mentioned in the post. Definitely I would accept the ban if the admins would upload evidence publicly to view and review. If there is anything that would make the admins feel that I am definitely cheating, I can understand and personally accept this ban. On the other hand, this is the administration's decision, and I am not sure if they would see my appeal to be valid because this is a cheating ban. I feel very upset for both my team and myself.