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AFC Mash Predictions

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I have to fucking do a disclaimer in case people come and rage at me because I was wrong about this D: 


DISCLAIMER: This is just my predictions and do not reflect my skill level/others skill level correctly. I may be right and will be wrong. Go ahead and believe what I am going to say but you have been warned...I am going to be wrong.




Teams Analysis


Team 1 - Team RAGE A LOT 
rufus - veteran demo with lots of experience...but I'm not really sure about what you will do because I haven't seen you play that much
floaty - Most likely to be the roamer of the team. He knows his soldier partner (blurr) inside out so they are going to be having good teamwork.
blurr - Likely to be the pocket of the team. He knows his roamer well and can perform really well given the right opportunities.
varinn - Strong scout and sniper. Expect him in the flanks :D
hunter. - Strong scout who can rape with his DM/gamesense. I expect to see some great heavy offclasses from him.
Omega - Medic with good positioning who has improved a lot in the past year (not like me D:). 



Team 2 - Team ABU CURRY SHOP

IridescentFUZZ  - This Demo is fucking OP. One of the best demos in this tourney so I expect wacky to shove that crits up his a**  :wub: 
Chongy - Definitely a soldier with adequate postioning and gamesense but I'm really not sure whether he is going to play roamer or pocket.
westdar - Strong soldier who I believe can carry adequately given the right circumstances.
Baddyz - The stronger scout of the team who can use his DM and aim to humiliate others. Watch out for his sniper :o

Lokin - New scout to the competitive scene and given the right mentorship, he will improve. Watch out for his spy.
Wacky - Wacky is a great medic who can definitely be counted on not to drop her precious ubers.



Team 3 - Team SHORT & GORGEOUS
Cyra  - Good demo
Freyja  - I'm not sure
ZED - Decent roamer but has a long way to go
Bio  - Div 2 scout and awwesome sniper so you better watch out for this hard carry.
Kaipy - Im not sure
Giovannie - Great Demo/Soldier but he is medding :o Edit: I heard you were div 1 medic before venturing to other classes so I guess you are a great medic? 



McGellin  - Good demo with good hours...
To - Good soldier as well...mostly to play pocket
Ariff - Good roamer with great timing and decent DM. 
Toshihiko - The scout that will make your whole team say ffs kill that Toshihiko guy D: Watch out for his sniper offclass.
Cancer - Decent scout that will be a great partner to Toshihikooooo
Destiny  - This medic will not die unless the other team tries very hard. Lucky...Lucky he is not scouting/sollying/demoing.



Team 5 - Team UNCLE & AUNTIES V. 2.0

Ob - Good demo who likes to rage but is still good.
Teejay - Extremely good soldier who can rape u upside down like as if u were div 4. Watch out for his sniper offclass if he roams but clover will mostly be roamer.
Cloverella  - Great roamer that the other team should be scared of. Even your muder |0| (jk).
Aegis - Needs a strong scout partner to carry him and needs a mentor to guide him. He is willing to improve and that's encouraging.
Weirdguy - Weird can play scout to a decent level. Watch out for him because he can be a good janitor.
M4rilyn - Good medic who can place his retard leash around Teejay and Ob while surfing rockets to an acceptable standard with a good consistency.



Team 6 - Team NOISY

Sumo - Good demo with good pipes that will make you jelly
BigTicket - Not sure
Sunfish - Good roamer with good potential to improve. Good support for the scouts.
Champagne Supernova  - Good scout and it is a great team with Ray
Ray -  Ray can support Champagne while shining on his own
Bait - Medic who can save the whole team by staying alive a lot I guess.


Team 7 - Team EVEN NOISIER
Halu -  Excellent demo who will be very strong with his gamesense and experience.
Miss Sexy  - Good soldier who will play roamer mostly.

Coolkid  - Cool soldier and will be the hard carry for the team.
Chromatose - Needs more improvement on his scout but watch out for his pyro offclasses which are suprisingly (in)effective. 
Elnathanking -  Can be a good scout but is definitely going to play more passive.
Lexxy -  Good medic.


Team 8 - Team BFFs <3

Shounic -  Great demo
SLYR -  Up and coming roamer
Caspian -  Great pocket who will be a great medic buddy.
miracles -  The passive scout who has good DM to protect the combo by watching flanks passively.

Netflux - Fuck this guy's aim. And don't let him snipe. And be scared. Be very scared.
Caldoran - Div  1  Med. 


Team 9 - Team “Sap Until Com Crash”

Gene - not sure
Sharapova - not sure
Dhiva -  Good roam and is a good partner for saki on roam
Sakiisa -  Scary scout. Boo
Tormented - Good scout partner.
KungFu Panda - Good think he is not spying. Yay!


Team 10 - Team Keep Calm and Carry On

Cosmos - Can demo passable
R4G3 - Passable roamer who needs to support his scouts.
SpikyCactus - This guy needs to curb his skill. Real hard. If only he had the chance to snipe because he is pocketing. If only.

Scot - Good scout with sunshine.
YuriSunshine - Good scout duo and one of the better ones with scot the scout.
Erio - She can definitely place her retard leash around Spiky and do well I guess. But she is definitely one of the better medics around.




So who do you think will win? Lel this is a badly written guide but wtv thanks for reading all my bullshit.  :ph34r:

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BFF to win because shounic is biased and i am medic


there i called it


walao i let teal pick my team one not meeeeeeeeeeeee

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