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  1. akisaur

    Cant Aim Volume 1

    I tot -ca- had more players than two 3:
  2. akisaur

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Bob i know you for making bakwa and huds dont be sad
  3. akisaur

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    I read his essay and bios' contradictions too. So jelly with all of your engrish laa
  4. akisaur

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Inspirational story @.@
  5. akisaur

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Dont blame us/them about how afl is dying because it isnt fully our/their fault that you guys cry about the vulgars that we/they give you. Please dont think that you would be treated nicely when you are new to the pug. We/they expect you to know to know the basics rules of the pug and competitive once you join in btw. Havent you realise that sometimes when they scold you they also point out mistakes that you make over and over again? All of you are always keeping an eye out for words like "fking cancer" or "omg you suck" and then instantly think "OMG WHY ARE VETERINARIANS SO MEAN TO ME ;(". I forgot to mention that it is also 'the new players' fault that afl is dying. Reason being is that not many but a few of the veterans stopped pugging because there are so many of you guys who are arrogant and cant be bothered. In a way, i feel you man. Let me share you a story from my experience ok! I started out at around 2011 and joined afl pugs due to my urge to learn about competitive and be good at it. At the first few pugs that i played, i received quite a lot of vulgarities from people who were better skilled than me. I really felt bad but i just ignored it and keep playing. I did what almost any game addict would do and that is to study about it more than studying for exams. Every single day i would play at least an hour of pug and then go to this very forum we are in now and look at some of the guides(i also watched esea games too). The End. Moral of my short story > the shit talk you receive from them shouldnt stop you from improving ok? (if that is what you are achieving for). You'll get the respect that you so desperately want when you show that you are willing enough to learn and you have improved. Oh and what the fuck do you mean by cs:go is more accepting? You should feel lucky that asiafortress provides you with a forum that contains a lot of funny topics and helpful guidelines. ALSO YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING GLAD THAT ASIAFORTRESS IS ALIVE BECAUSE WITHOUT ALL OF THIS, YOU WOULDNT BE AS GOOD AS YOU ARE NOW RIGHT? #havesomerespect #30mins2writeallofthis
  6. akisaur

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    I think you should mge first and you should be responsible to people who are new that you invited to pugs.
  7. akisaur


    I recall that you can play at a cheaper rate per hour in the colosseum like i think half the normal price($3)
  8. akisaur

    AFLAN.SG Discussion

    Are you guys going to post event photos?
  9. akisaur

    Teardrops - short edit :o

  10. akisaur

    Need a team!

    Can u speak pinoy
  11. akisaur

    AFLAN.SG Discussion

    Omg have fun
  12. akisaur

    shounic - hk -> sg

    You should eat mcdonalds here too
  13. akisaur

    shounic - hk -> sg

    Go geylang