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  1. vig

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Mmmmonster padi
  2. vig

    I'm sorry Spammah!

    reaffirm your love again pls
  3. vig

    shounic - hk -> sg

    Got twistys fries and lychee mcjizz so you can give it a try.
  4. vig

    shounic - hk -> sg

    Can we see your face? For real?
  5. Can we give the mix one last chance for this CNY as more people will be available to play since it is the holidays. If the mix doesn't go through even on a holiday, then we know for sure that the mixes are not going to do well on normal days D:
  6. vig


    UGC is having a 4v4 league so maybe we can try it out I guess. It seems fun.
  7. 4v4 format seems fun. Why not have an experimental 4v4 server for a while to see the response to this up and coming format.
  8. vig

    HL Server Map Pool and Nominations

    Caldoran please update the first post by adding lakeside as one of the maps included in the map pool. In case other people nominate it. Cheers, Vig
  9. When the next highlander pug hopefully happens, I'll take one
  10. When drawing the readypanel, since there are 18 players, could you reduce the font so that everyone can be seen in the ready panel? Only 13-14 people's names can be seen and so people say, "eh fcker ready up"; "fck u lah I redy up already, cb ask the other guy" and stuff like that because they don't know who has not readied up. I hope this is possible through sourcemod and thanks for reading this gay post. Cheers, Vig
  11. vig

    Q&A: Got a question? Post it here!

    And can you decrease the font when you are drawing the ready up panel
  12. vig

    HL Server Map Pool and Nominations

    Lakeside Basically the whole UGC mappool and maybe some Asiafortress specials
  13. vig

    Q&A: Got a question? Post it here!

    When are we going to have an AFHL League of some sorts D: