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  1. This, accompanied with SMB's singing will get me votemuted every pug
  2. I say we have a permanent !radio function that plays happy songs loud enough to drown out any noticeable noise of spies decloaking.
  3. blurr

    latest update - roundtable

    Can we send petition to valve?
  4. blurr

    latest update - roundtable

    I didn't know demo had a parachute. I was speaking of the soldier's parachute. Edit: I was talking about the soldier's base jumper, not the demo's, sorry my fault, I didn't see that you were talking about the demo's and I do agree that it has little benefit to the demo with the sticky nerf. What I do think it is for the demo is a wee booties replacement since the new shield has such great mobility, it provides a z-axis for the demo to explore as well (Yes, it is gimmicky for the demo).
  5. blurr

    latest update - roundtable

    TBH, I think this is not the end for demoman as a competitive class, but rather a role switch. If the new shield is allowed, it will really change how demo is played, making it a roamer with higher damage output and a good chance of really devastating the enemy by picking off the medic. Kritz will be used as a pocket soldier's tool to 400dpm or boosting damage of the new rocket launcher which may become popular among roamers. Conga lines are a novelty, it will stop sooner or later. The new rocket launcher and parachute may prove effective in roaming better. I actually disagree with summer's point about the base jumper being gimmicky. It may seem that way at first but it can be used to avoid airshots by messing up the jump trajectory and provides more time for the soldier to rain down rockets with the new rocket launcher. But I'm not good enough to actually prove my theories and I've quit playing TF2 seriously anyways.
  6. blurr

    [AFMASH#2] Registration

    Name: blurr Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/heyimblurr/ Preferred Class: Demo, Soldier, Scout (In order of most to least preferable) Quantity of swag: i play like this. do i have enuf 5vv4G0 now? [media]
  7. blurr


    When I click the link, I get error 500: Internal server error :<
  8. blurr


    Hmmmmm... You'd have to ask an admin about this, I'm not very good at software stuff.
  9. ULTIDUO OR FEED!1!!!!!11
  10. blurr


    Maybe you can contact an admin? Or perhaps see if it's a voteban cause those only last for 1 hour if I'm not wrong.
  11. blurr

    Looking for team!

    I don't think you should keep making topics just to have a higher chance to get noticed (By senpai). Why don't you just bump your original post every once in a while?
  12. blurr

    Cant Aim Volume 1

    3:04 You cut out the last frag :< But it was for a good cause so I applaud you for that. I think.
  13. blurr

    Voteban for offclassing

  14. blurr

    Someone help me in choosing a keyboard to buy

    Pretty much any Cooler Master keyboard as their build quality is better than others'. If you're looking to spend more money, contact Andre, he's really good with keyboards. I'll direct him to this thread so he can give you recommendation.