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  1. yo I think they're still broken or maybe my phone full version is just wonky on me??
  2. qjyap

    Post AFLAN.SG Thread

    travelling swallowing dramamine
  3. qjyap

    Post AFLAN.SG Thread

    i enjoyed the 1/2 hours i spent there cal u should eat and sleep more would be nice if some people could walk around and call nice plays to the camaraman throughout its not hard and would improve the spectator experience (although the place was pretty cramped D:)
  4. qjyap

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    ^ I am inside the invite pug group I am sure standards aren't too high for people ^^
  5. qjyap

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    the only sensible poster here has been fuzz
  6. qjyap

    Ban system

    Yup you can't opt out if you subbed in. That's why subs are considered +1s in the next pug. If you really hate playing medic then don't sub in to play med??? But medic is fun
  7. qjyap

    Meet the Shounic tomorrow!

    Have school. Please send some pictures so I know what he looks like when not chewing on a piece of grass
  8. qjyap

    shounic - hk -> sg

  9. qjyap

    shounic - hk -> sg

    8) http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misuse_of_Drugs_Act_(Singapore)
  10. qjyap


    cool fonts
  11. qjyap

    Top 10 TF2 Plays December 2013

    That's quite bad
  12. qjyap

    Best and worst players you've EVAAAAAAH seen.

    you haven't played with alot of people
  13. qjyap

    Announcement: Highlander Mixes Suspension

    Cool that's fine then