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Q&A: Got a question? Post it here!

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AsiaFortress Highlander Q&A Thread


Have any doubts or queries about AsiaFortress Highlander? Post your questions here and we'll answer them!


Frequently Asked Questions will be recorded and updated below for easy reference. Be sure to read them before posting a question because we may have answered it before!


As more and more Highlander events get rolled out, we expect to see more questions flowing in, so keep 'em coming!


Guidelines for Posting

  • Ensure that your question is related to Highlander, and not 6v6 or other formats
  • If you have multiple unanswered questions, please edit the last unanswered post instead of making a new post
  • Check the FAQ section before posting a question; It may already have the answers you're looking for


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. "What is the IP address for the AsiaFortress Highlander server and how do I connect to it?"

You can connect to it by typing "connect pug.asiafortress.com:27020; password aflmatch" into console.

For the Hong Kong server, use "connect pughk.asiafortress.com:27019; password aflmatch" instead.


2. "The HL server's plugin/whitelist/etc. is broken! What do I do?"

Please report all glitches and technical issues in the bug reporting thread. Do not forget to include all the details, including the time the problem occurred, and which server it happened on.


3. "I have a suggestion/feedback to make! Where do I post?"

You can post your suggestions or feedback by making a new thread in the Suggestions, Feedback and Contributions board. We greatly seek and value your input!


4. "I'm looking for a team/for a player to join my team! How do I do so?"

We have a recruitment board for you to post a thread advertising that you're looking for a team or a new player for your team. Be sure to specify whether it's Highlander, if you're looking for a team or a player, and what class(es) you can play or are looking for.

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Why doesn't the hl server support pl maps?

This is an error and I'm looking to get it fixed asap. Thanks for reporting the problem!

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Posted · Hidden by Caldoran, December 22, 2013 - No reason given · Report post

we nid expect more from hl coz nao cal admin !!!!

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And can you decrease the font when you are drawing the ready up panel

That's more related to the plugin as a whole, so it'll be good if you make a thread in the Suggestions board instead :)

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I'd like to clarify that this thread is a resource for questions and answers, and ask that all future posts be constructive and contain relevant questions pertaining to Highlander.


Suggestions go into the relevant Suggestions board and not into this thread, which is meant for Q&A.


Thanks all.

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Just wondering if regestrarions are up yet, if not, then when we can expect it to be. Cheers.


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