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  1. j_u

    LAN Appreciation

    I haven't seen this around so I thought I'd go ahead and start it. A BIG thank you to organisers of AFLAN - I had a super fun time in my 1-2 hours there and it's all thanks to the great people of asiafortress who put in lots of time and effort into this event. Shoutouts to erio, misfit, caldoran and anyone else on the ground (sry i dont quite know lel) yesterday for sacrificing meals and sleep (idk cal looked sleep-deprived) to make sure everything went well, your commitment to the community is very much appreciated . Special mention goes to nagy for sacrificing hang out time with us to keep the event covered. Much love <3 Hope to see more great events to pop up in the future, and once again thank you to the organisers )))))))
  2. j_u

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    coming soon... AFA 4.... (or is it 5 idk)
  3. j_u

    shounic - hk -> sg

    why does this have a 6v6 tag?
  4. j_u


    Keep up the times new roman
  5. j_u

    Best and worst players you've EVAAAAAAH seen.

    what's the point of this exactly
  6. j_u

    AFHL Mixes 2 Week #2 [18/1/2014]

    i'll save caldoran some energy and help him tell you to find a sub.
  7. j_u

    Hi ima nobo

    only carry?
  8. j_u

    Hi ima nobo

    ungrateful bitch. unfriended.
  9. j_u


    EG DeMoN??? is that u???
  10. j_u

    sorry shounic

  11. j_u

    sorry shounic

    for hijacking aki's thread for added measure i have also apologised to aki 11:09 PM - joo: sry aki 11:09 PM - joo: for hijacking thread 11:09 PM - wayway: wut 11:09 PM - joo: pls forgive
  12. j_u


    sorry (( we can fix that
  13. j_u


    HI MY NAME IS JU/ JOO/ J__U/ J______U/ rafiki. i play tf2 but i'm bad so I don't pug and I can't get away with making shitty posts on AFL. I started tf2 3 years ago and after 3 years of demoknighting i'm still shit. Some of my friends include great people like qjyap aspencc and caldoran and aki. I entered a UGC season once but i had stupid things like "exams" and "life" and "my mom" so couldnt finish it The End. cu at pubs or smth
  14. j_u

    Q&A: Got a question? Post it here!

    Can you remove the plugin pls and thank you