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Found 5 results

  1. kolxxx


    STVS: - AFL #15 - AFL #16 - AFL #17 - AFL #18 Scout Grand Final - 30 November 2014 8pm Soldier Grand Final - 7 December 2014 8pm THARNOS PRESENTS: MASTERS OF MGE An MGE Tournament for Soldier & Scout Prizes for Each Category 1st Place: 3 Buds 2nd Place: 2 Buds 3rd Place: 1 Bud Basic Guidelines There will be 2 categories for this tournament: Scout vs Scout and Soldier vs Soldier You may only take part in 1 category Double Elimination. Participation is free but limited to the first 32 sign-ups for each class. Successful applicants will be added to the MGE Masters steam group Registration will close when all 64 slots are filled or 21 November 2014, whichever comes earlier Your steam account must have at least 200hrs of TF2. Steam profile must be set to Public throughout the tournament Weapon Rules You are only allowed to use the following weapons: Soldier: Standard Rocket Launcher/Original, Shotgun, Escape Plan/Shovel/Whip/Pain Train Scout: Scattergun, Pistol/Luger, Baseball Bat/Runeblade/Boston Basher Match Scheduling Participants will be responsible for arranging their own matches and servers. You can start once you see the challonge brackets updated. All preliminary matches must be played within 22 November 2014 and 28 November 2014. Grand Finals and Third-Place matches will be played on 29 November 2014 (dates are all subject to change) Matches are only to be played on Asiafortress #15, #16, #17 & #18 MGE servers. Only people in the mge masters steam group will be able to play on these servers (just like how AFL pug servers work - thanks nata!) Server Addresses: sg1.asiafortress.com:27010 sg1.asiafortress.com:27011 sg1.asiafortress.com:27012 sg1.asiafortress.com:27013 Best of Three maps (3rd place and finals will be Bo5) Participants will choose 1 map of their preference from the map pool below and both maps will be played. Players whose name appears on top of the challonge brackets gets to choose first. You may not choose the same map. In the event of a tie-breaker, Ammomod [MGE] will be played Map Pool: Badlands Middle, Granary Middle, Granary Last, Viaduct Middle, Badlands Spire, Gullywash Middle, Snakewater Middle (take note this is glitched on mge_training_v8_beta4b), Process Middle All maps to be played in mge_training_v8_beta4b except Snakewater Middle which shall be played on mge_oihguv_sucks_a11. However if your opponent agrees to play for example, granary mid, in oihguv sucks, then its okay. No ghosting please. If you are found to be ghosting a participant’s health or position to your friend, both will be disqualified Results Posting The onus is on the winner of the match to update the score in the challonge site (eg. if you win both maps, you post 2-0 etc). They are also required to take a screenshot of the finalized scores and upload into the challonge site (i believe you can attach a file there). If the file is too big you can upload to imgur and then attach the link. When a match is won, there will be a white text that appears in the chatbox eg. “tharnos defeats kol 20-0 in Granary Middle”. You may screenshot that portion as proof. You may also save screenshot within steam so that we know the screenshot is linked to your account. Please see example below: http://i.imgur.com/gzDd0sr.jpg Disputes As there has been an increase of hackers of late, everyone may record demos of their matches. If anyone is suspected of cheating, you can file a dispute with your demo as proof. This will be reviewed and if found guilty, the cheater will be permanently banned. Demos should be kept until the end of the tournament. Participants may save chatlogs when arranging their matches and provide them to the respective admins in the event of a dispute Important Links Soldier Registration Page: http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3978-masters-of-mge-soldier-registration-page/ Scout Registration Page: http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3977-masters-of-mge-scout-registration-page/ Challonge Brackets: SCOUT: http://challonge.com/mastersofmgescout SOLDIER: http://challonge.com/mastersofmgesoldier Masters of MGE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/mastersofmge *also if anyone would like to cast/stream the finals, do let me know, all your help is welcome
  2. http://teamfortress.tv/thread/17233/mge-oihguv-sucks A link to the server 10 map update. Also i would like to request for a soap dm server for practice, anyone interested in the idea?
  3. I personally find that my play style is mainly based around countering the enemy's initiation, and not initiating myself unless I am forced to. In MGE, I find myself counter-jumping a lot and using melee weapons. When I use such tactics, the enemy would start telling me to stop melee-ing or counter-jumping them. If they wanna practice pipes, and don't want me to use stickies, that's understandable, but if they are forcing me to stop utilizing my play style, it's impossible to win, or even come close. What I'd like to know is, why counter-jumping is not allowed and should I even be listening to them???? Thank you in advance.
  4. blurr

    Am I mentally ill?

    Ok, This is the problem. MY MGE SUX! But when I PUG, I can handle most 1v1 situations with average players, but during MGE, I can NEVER get a single win even against players whom I have defeated in 1v1 situations in PUGs before. What I would like to know is "How will this affect my game?" "What's wrong with me?" and "Am I a psychopatic, retarded, no skill faggot? (Am I mentally ill?)".
  5. Hi guys, I really appreciated the feedback on my previous post: http://asiafortress....i-mentally-ill/ I wasn't sure if this question fits into the previous topic I started, so I made a new one So this is my question. I have been getting lots of problems with airshots and aiming in PUGS. In MGE, I am able to get airshots and 70 damage splash shots, not naturally, but regularly. In PUGS, I have trouble hitting even the easiest of airshots and when I try for a crater, I fail by a big margin. I'm not sure if this is because my aiming just SUX or Summer's (I first noticed this problem in a PUG against Summer)/ The enemy's strafing and dodging is really good. I practice airshots in MGE and I can't say I'm good at airshots or aiming as a whole but I'm not the worse. What I would like to know is: Is it just my nerves that get to me and I just need to calm myself down in pugs to hit airshots? MGE helps a lot as a whole but why can't I hit the big airshots in pugs? I can frag peeps in pugs as I've stated in the previous post but with normal shots like splash craters and ShiZz but what about airshots I can't get but are essential to protect my med from vry good roamers? Thx in advance. BTW: If this post is too similar to my previous one, please tell me so I can remove this to avoid spamming the forum with similar posts