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    Hello, and welcome! You can read our guides to competitive TF2 over here Add me on steam if you need help.
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    Greetings, and welcome!
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    Hello, and welcome!
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    Saying Hi

    Add me on steam, I'll help you out with any questions you have. Steam profile link is below
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    Unknown Secret - TF2 Movie

    Nice video
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    Man, this makes me want to bet although I'm not a gambling man,
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    PUG Group Applications

    Please don't apply without at least 15 games(with logs) in server #4 or other Asian servers, as there is no way to gauge your skill level for allowing you into the restricted servers.
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    Getting into competitive TF2

    This is correct.
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    Hello, and welcome. We have plenty of meat pie for your enjoyment.
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    Cannot connect to SG PUG 4 during certain time

    Restarting steam usually fixes problems like this, if I'm not mistaken.
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    PUG Group Applications

    Invited. The rest are incomplete(missing logs.tf links, steam profiles, names, etc) or do not have enough playtime in server #4 or well-respected competitive servers.
  13. iridescentFUZZ

    Ping in AF Servers

    Download WTFast, install the trial version, if it works, consider subscribing.
  14. iridescentFUZZ

    Whitelist Changes

    Even within the admin team we are all not fixed on a common consensus for this issue, in terms of its implementation, impact and justification, so the more feedback we get, the better.
  15. iridescentFUZZ

    IMPORTANT: Changes in AF PUG Servers

    For everyone who has said that new players will receive verbal abuse instead of text abuse, this is the way I see it; people are more likely to actually say things that are useful(maybe accompanied by insults) rather than just typing out rubbish. Why? Because when forced to use mumble, people are bound to at least try and provide constructive criticism in the interests of it helping their win chances. Good old blob and his 5AM posts.
  16. iridescentFUZZ

    IMPORTANT: Changes in AF PUG Servers

    Before we start with the melodramatic knee jerk reactions, please note that as mentioned in the post, this is an experimental initiative . Disabling chat has less to do with mumble and more to do with chat abuse by - let's put it mildly - "competitive" players within the community. I'm surprised you of all people hedwig are against something that prevents people from being abusive toads in chat.
  17. iridescentFUZZ

    [AFC8] Missing Demo Submissions

    You make it sound like the single, tiny difference between us and ETF2L in this respect - the difference that is uploading demos instead of only recording and keeping them is such a painful undertaking. Last league season I played, I don't recall having a single problem with my team's demo uploads, barring one or two demos. The system is there to get people used to the fact that they need to be saving demos, so in the event that something happens, players are aware that a standard has been set and must be followed. Because we don't want people to be missing demos out of forgetfulness/carelessness. The best way to prevent forgetfulness and carelessness is to make the community aware by punishing players who don't consistently upload demos. Ah, the famous circle-jerk argument. Having witnessed numerous fiascos and drama threads across NA and EU leagues, I've learned to ignore the conspiracy theories which suggest league admins have some sort of collusion to pick only incredibly like-minded community members for reasons I cannot begin to comprehend. World domination? Embezzlement? Gross subsidy at the tax-payers expense? But for the sake of unbiased discourse, I shall indulge this notion of yours. Admins are picked out of the pool of active community helpers, based on who has put in a considerable amount of effort and has shown to be trust-worthy in their community and individual player endeavours. So, instead of lamenting about the people we "leave in the dark", maybe get those people to try handling something smaller, before assuming we will blindly trust them with administrative responsibilities. Additionally, you seem to think that there are a bunch of good, reliable candidates for admin-related posts, but I can literally only think of a handful of people who would make good admins; people who either have no time, or no inclination to assume such a responsibility. Sure, the demo submissions warning could have been more "polite" to offenders, and I'm sure that mistake won't be made again. You're still blowing this out of proportion by a significant order of magnitude. Your thinly veiled provocations are starting to get tiresome. "already dying league and community", "Respect the community as you want them to respect you", "an immature high school kid", "expect them to go read a dead forum", "get admins that have actual true qualities as an admin". You seem to be insinuating that the activity and growth levels of the community are a result of mis-handling on our part, when in reality, most of the "authoritarian" actions we have taken or continue to take are a result of the inability of the community to self-regulate, and the lack of volunteers willing to make administration a more efficient, affair. You also seem to have a problem with Shounic's administration in general, to which I say; that is purely your opinion. He has undertaken his administrative duties to the best of his ability, and has been made aware of his failings and shortcomings by our administrative group. I'm not going to go off on a tangent on how much the admins(especially nata) have done over the years for the community, but I'd like to remind you that we get literally nothing out of this besides the satisfaction of creating and maintaining a healthy, well-run community. If you feel like it isn't enough, you're free to go elsewhere.
  18. iridescentFUZZ

    PUG Group Applications

    Invited The rest have incomplete applications, private profiles or insufficient logs in their logs.tf profile.
  19. iridescentFUZZ

    [AFC8] Missing Demo Submissions

    Let me preface this by saying that the inconsistency in the demo-uploads section of the rules and regulations was an oversight on my part as I have brought them upto date to reflect our new policies. If anyone notices such inconsistencies, feel free to point them out to us and we will update the rules at an appropriate time during, or outside of the season; or better yet, volunteer your services as a community helper, since we are under-staffed anyway. Very nice in theory, but I have significant doubts about the efficiency of this solution. Without the shadow of a match/league penalty looming over their heads, I don't see teams taking demo-recording or uploading seriously enough. When that happens, good luck proving any sort of cheats/scripts. Being a team captain is not a responsibility to be taken lightly; subsequently, failure to be informed about(and carry out) one's duties as a team captain should not be allowed to slide. Nevertheless, as the penalty of a league ban for team captains is not actually in our rules, said penalty is subject to revision or removal. As for your insinuation that other leagues seem to be running fine without compulsory demo submission, allow me to direct you to ETF2L's General Rules. As quoted from the above link [i]2.4 Every player has to record Demos[/i] Demos can be requested by an admin or any player of the opposing team. Admins may request demos up to the end of the competition the match was played in (until the wrap up post is published). They can request as many demos as they require. The opposing team can request demos up to 48 hours after the match was scheduled to start. They can request demos from up to 2 players, who will then have to provide their demos for all played maps. A player whose demos have been requested has 72 hours to upload the demo, starting from the time the request was made. All requested demos up to 64 MB have to be uploaded to ETF2L. Links to third party hosters will be ignored. Failure to supply a requested demo will be punished. Do refrain from poorly-informed criticism in the future.
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    Custom keycaps

    These are the only keycaps worth having.
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    overedited but marilyn sucks

    Hahahaha. That last part is hypnotic
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    PUG Group Applications

    You'll need 15-20 more PuGs in #4 before we can whitelist you.
  23. iridescentFUZZ

    How to shot gun

    Starring cloverella and jigglesaur
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    I say salutations. Salutations, Non Player Character.
  25. iridescentFUZZ

    PUG Group Applications

    Please play 15-20 more games in server #4 before re-applying for whitelist