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  1. Nasi.

    looking for nasi

  2. Nasi.

    Rising lft div 1 afc 12

    This guy is trash dont get him!!!!
  3. Nasi.

    Looking for lerl

    Hi I'm new to Competitive. I've played my 4000hours in trade servers And saxton hale. I'm thinking of Maining engineer or heavy in 6s. I've been mentored by rising from ozfort and also ifun who people claims he is fucking cancer and huge meme but I think he is one of the best pocket soldiers in Asia scene. I've seen him play pocket for div3 BRG. So motivating. He is my role model and mentor, along with rising. I watched him play a Shana Pug and carried my team with ENGIE. He got a 5k with level3 and that to me is one of the sickest plays of my whole tf2 career. I hope I could join any Prem or division 1 team. Teejay's team seems very poor in my opinion. I strongly feel that he is rigging this whole tournament because he is also the head admin and one of the leading organisers for this afc . And he seems like a noob I rekt him in mge before. I don't see why everyone is so scared of him. Hence I will not join his team even if I got offered :). I hope Lerl would pick me up. <3
  4. Why you have negative good boy points -6958

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      because i'm the best