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  1. viviau

    AFC15 Server Bookings

    Name: vivi Team Name: SADZONETeam Playing Against: Artic Fire EnableServer Area (SG/HK): SGServer # (0/1/2/3/4/5): 3Booking Start Time: Saturday 9pm Booking End Time: Saturday 10:30pmAny Remarks: GMT+8
  2. viviau

    AFC15 Server Bookings

    Name: vivi Team Name: SADZONE Team Playing Against: yeeterflies Server Area (SG/HK): SG Server # (0/1/2/3/4/5):3 Booking Start Time: Friday 8pm Booking End Time: Friday 10pm Any Remarks: asia timezone
  3. viviau

    Division 3

    Team Name: Butter Fan Club Player Name: vivi SteamID64: 76561198113628945 Logs: http://logs.tf/2172395#76561198113628945 Grand Final http://logs.tf/2172382#76561198113628945 Grand Final Team Name: Butter Fan ClubPlayer Name: stigmaSteamID64: 76561198092993736Logs: http://logs.tf/2172395#76561198092993736 Grand Final http://logs.tf/2172382#76561198092993736 Grand Final Team Name: Butter Fan ClubPlayer Name: fezSteamID64: 76561198106504250Logs: http://logs.tf/2117047#76561198106504250 Week 1 http://logs.tf/2117063#76561198106504250 Week 1 Team Name: Butter Fan ClubPlayer Name: saturnSteamID64: 76561198201760578Logs: http://logs.tf/2172382#76561198201760578 Grand Final http://logs.tf/2172395#76561198201760578 Grand Final Team Name: Butter Fan ClubPlayer Name: pronessfSteamID64: 76561198201002769Logs: http://logs.tf/2172382#76561198201002769 Grand Final http://logs.tf/2172395#76561198201002769 Grand Final Team Name: Butter Fan ClubPlayer Name: bitvoltSteamID64: 76561198172835842Logs: http://logs.tf/2172382#76561198172835842 Grand Final http://logs.tf/2172395#76561198172835842 Grand Final Team Name: Butter Fan ClubPlayer Name: MikcowSteamID64: 76561198125670601Logs: http://logs.tf/2172382#76561198125670601 Grand Final http://logs.tf/2172395#76561198125670601 Grand Final Team Name: Butter Fan ClubPlayer Name: dogrollSteamID64: 76561198026647567Logs: http://logs.tf/2154702#76561198026647567 Upper Bracket Semifinals http://logs.tf/2154715#76561198026647567 Upper Bracket Semifinals Team Name: Butter Fan ClubPlayer Name: hayed152SteamID64: 76561198358100512Logs: http://logs.tf/2159952#76561198358100512 Lower Bracket Semifinals http://logs.tf/2159970#76561198358100512 Lower Bracket Semifinals
  4. ggs, was a fun match Butter Fan Club won 3-0 on product http://logs.tf/2172382#76561198113628945 Butter Fan Club won 6-2 on gullywash http://logs.tf/2172395#76561198113628945
  5. viviau

    AFC 14 Server Bookings

    Follow the format below to book a server for your match: Name: vivi Team Name: Butter Fan Club Team Playing Against: GRILLED CHIKEN Server Area (SG/HK): SG Server # (0/1/2/3/4/5): 0 Booking Start Time: 8:30pm singapore Booking End Time: 11pm singapore Any Remarks: epic
  6. For the official we request to use an official “Asiafortress Singapore” server. All the other servers are awful for us equating to around 200-400 ping on others including any pure server.
  7. Match will be officially streamed on twitch.tv/spikycactus Watch the aussies lose and for proness to get his 3rd 2nd place div 3 badge. we lost
  8. maps to be played are product, gullywash and snakewater as the decider
  9. Next week Friday 8:30pm looking like the best for us
  10. Butter Fan Club won gullywash 4-2 http://logs.tf/2164413#76561198113628945 Anti-Clockwise won granary 3-2 (it went to golden cap, and server didn’t support it so no logs for the round they won) http://logs.tf/2164427#76561198113628945 Butter Fan Club won snakewater 5-4 http://logs.tf/2164463#76561198113628945 ggs
  11. viviau

    AFC 14 Server Bookings

    Name: vivi Team Name:butter Fan Club Team Playing Against:anti clockwise Server Area (SG/HK):sg Server # (0/1/2/3/4/5):1 Booking Start Time: 24/11 8:30pm Booking End Time:24/11 10:30pm Any Remarks: no
  12. We propose Saturday 8pm Singapore time for the official to be played.
  13. ggs butter fan club won process 5-3 http://logs.tf/2159952#76561198113628945 butter fan club won product 3-1 http://logs.tf/2159970#76561198113628945
  14. Match to be played Friday 8pm maps are snake, gully and granary is decider in that order