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  1. Threads like this is what causes unnecessary friction between community members (not that it isn't already bad). I'm going to let this thread stay open in light that it MAY help improve the situation (which I honestly doubt it will, but I'm willing to give a benefit of a doubt). If things start getting out of hand, I'm gonna bury these threads.
  2. This is a list of active teams which are open to scrims for the year 2013. This list is merely here to help teams find other teams to scrim. This is NOT a registration list for AFL or any tournament whatsoever. Team leaders post only in the following format. Name: Country: Steam Group: Skill Level: Availability: Weeklies: Contacts: Other Info: No discussion in this thread. Just information. Fill in all details. Other Info may be left empty.
  3. spammah - worst player ever :D/>
  4. For now it is 6s. But for the new year's team registry, it will contain both.
  5. Singapore Mainstream Media You know it is a slow news day when things like this appear on the front page. *MSM aside, congratz bolts on appearing on the front page*
  6. Wheaton's Law "Don't be a dick"
  7. Bumping this thread for any new/old teams that may have disbanding/formed etc, remember to update/create a new post to tell the world that your team exist/still exist and are willing to scrim! 2013 team registry will start commencement some time end of the year.
  8. As a reminder to players currently on the free agent list: If you have already been picked up by a team, please kindly state so in your post, so that I can remove your post to avoid confusion. Since the holidays are here for most Asian players, I'm going to refresh this thread. So any players who have posted before November, please kindly repost your post by 25th November 2012. Any post thereafter will be deleted. Also if you are interested as a free agent for highlander 9v9s, please head over to this thread instead http://asiafortress....gent-list-2012/. Same thing as above, let me know in your post in this thread so I can remove your post to avoid confusion if you are not interested in playing in a team for 6v6. Thanks.
  9. Hello guys! This is just an informative thread for those who does not realize that Asiafortress have our own social media channels! You can follow us as follow! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asiafortress Twitter: @Asiafortress We will try our best to keep you guys updated on any important events and stuff via these mediums. Please do take note that FB updates will also transcript to the Twitter account automatically.
  10. Post ONCE here if you declare yourself a free agent. Name: Class: Country: Languages Spoken: Available Playing Times: Steam Community Page: *LINK HERE* (Page preferably not private if you are new to the community) Other Information: Fill Up ALL the details. U can leave other information blank if you want. Anything else posted here will be removed. Please DELETE or EDIT your post when you have found a team.
  11. :D :D :D :D just in case you don't know, most standard connections give an approx max 1 mbps upload speed unless you're on the $$$$$ plans or fibre. that's assuming your in SG that is.
  12. well back then, the newer teams wanted to have a shot at some higher level play. so it was arranged that way. but of course, just throwing the idea around. since the inception of the newer afa teams, some might wanna do what the previous iteration did.
  13. would you guys like the asiafortressleague5's division standard? i.e. 2 divisions division 1 division 2 - split into 2A and 2B so that the newer teams can partake in 2B and have a chance to compete at the finals?
  14. the good ol' mass mumble chat for AFL2 prep. channel of mass spammage. pun unintended.
  15. Wouldn't it be a great idea if everything was consolidated together? Best of both worlds all in one site. Just saying. But what's done is done, so we're just gotta move on.