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  1. Team Name(s)/Number(s): boleh Role (Player/Mentor/Backup/Backup Mentor): mentor 1. Was the event overall a positive experience for you? it was pretty fun, and it's a good event to get the gist of how 6s work. 2. What did you think of the event timing? (Too early/too late/too long?) it was okay for my team, although we made the first team wait a little too long for us. 3. In what areas do you think we did right for the event? the organizing and getting subs 4. What are the things which could have been done better? maybe mixing up the teams to be more balanced, filter out players that already know how to play 6s (unless the teams need subs, i guess) 5. How much do you feel like you've improved after playing in the event? (Player/Backup) How much do you feel the newcomers in your team have improved during the event? (Mentor/Backup Mentor) i'm not sure if the players learned much at all because our team was a little too strong and the matches ended too quick to learn properly. (or maybe they learned too well) 6. How do you feel about the mentors/players who were assigned to your team? they were good. [edited to copy b8] jaku: great, enthusiastic mentor! no throw! gj kuma: great, helpful sub/mentor! gj nogamesense: already knows how to play, but still supportive and giving out calls! gj cookbook: no mic, but decent dm and listens to calls! gj TnP Khronus: new to the game, but eager to learn and accepts criticism gracefully! gj waifu: communicates well! decent dm! attentive! gj 7. Any other suggestions/feedback?
  2. hedwig

    IMPORTANT: Changes in AF PUG Servers

    Played a fair bit of pugs, the mumble rule isn't enforced very consistently. Some sort of authority has to be around, I think, or some of them won't bother. And they either ignore or don't respond when you ask them to join. Also, people just want the game to start, so they don't really care if not everyone's on mumble. Is there a way to make this better? Disabling the chat seems more of an inconvenience, especially if someone not on mumble replaces another player. There is no way for you to tell them to join and the in-game voice chat doesn't seem to be working. (Let us taunt gene again )
  3. hedwig

    IMPORTANT: Changes in AF PUG Servers

    Obviously rageyness of players did not cross my mind at all, since the announcement is about enforcing mumble and disabling the chat system without providing any reasoning behind the changes - so I could only conclude they were related. gluck edited to add: Thanks, Caldoran, for your comments and (finally!) explaining the motive behind this. Greatly appreciate it.
  4. hedwig

    Team Frag Movie - High Quality

    I like the vid and the friendship shoutout! Nice song accompanying it, too.
  5. Are we playing on the same servers? I mostly see them pros telling the newbies to uninstall tf2 or go back to playing pubs. Unless you have friends in af, people aren't going to be nice to you. There was one new medic with an interest to improve, but all he received was scary, unconstructive raging. (Although he's prolly a masochist since he picked the same "pro" rager in the next pug and received the same ragey treatment...)
  6. hedwig

    [AFMASH#2] Question and Answers

    who are the mentors
  7. hedwig


    uhm, what? i consciously look up whenever i remember to, now. i will adopt them all
  8. hedwig

    LAN Appreciation

    Not sure if this directed to me or saki, but you should visit Msia/kl... I belanja chilli pan mee ahahah
  9. hedwig

    AFLAN.SG Feedback

    even as a malaysian, i don't see how it would be convenient to transport so many singaporeans to hold a LAN event here. as far as i can see, a majority of afers are based in singapore, with prolly like 10 or so players who are in malaysia. even if it'd be cheaper to organize it here, i think transport + accommodation-related costs, not so much. edit: i just saw the "future big scale event" comment - so maybe it would be a possibility in 10 years.
  10. hedwig

    LAN Appreciation

    I'm not exactly sure of who were involved in organising this, so I'm sorry if I've missed out any names - thank you misfit, summer, erio and caldoran (you looked really tired!), I dunno how you guys pulled off a relatively big event, and staying on til the wee hours in the morning, but it was pretty awesome! Special shoutout to the photographer and mm for helping out with all the techy stuff! And the casters, too! And a general thank you to those who made this happen, it was a pretty fun experience! I wish I could have lasted til 3 am, aha. Grats to 6kings! And thanks to my team, the homely hobos! (Thanks for lending me your mousepad, bait)
  11. hedwig

    Post AFLAN.SG Thread

    Rufus' enthusiastic shouting very the feelings.
  12. hedwig

    AFLAN.SG Discussion

    will the lan be canceled because only 6 teams signed up? (altho 36 people are supporting this, and bobb... poor bobb)