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  1. HaXxorIzed

    latest update - roundtable

    Demomen had a heart attack for a moment.
  2. HaXxorIzed


    People salty because even if spammah has no dick he can still get with their mothers. Those quake finger skills bro, that cs 'wobble'.
  3. HaXxorIzed

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    I don't care if you're right or wrong or purple with spots or a camel (like spammah), say this (even as a joke) and I understand people wanting to ban you. Iri is one of the best assets people arguing could change could possibly hope for, and banning those who post like this would be doing his cause a favour. There's a right and a wrong way to make an argument and a cause, and coming from about as close to an external observer as you are likely to get, the way you post is not the way to make it. Websites such as Teamliquid have a really good level of discussion with the community feeling safe to post unpopular/"dangerous" opinions because of the standards they demand of posters.
  4. tl;dr of this thread. Using classes that don't fit within the standard competitive format ( scout scout soldier medic demo soldier) usually happens for a reason. This reason is usually contextual. This type of context generally results in pickups - where the organisation and skill level is lower than where off classing is actually consistently successful, becoming a mess. Ideally, people wouldn't do the "hey let's not be dicks and ruin this and ruin it for everybody", but many people do it so rules are created. Rules are imperfect, people now argue about validity of rules. I fit into the extreme end and the lenient end of different responses to this situation. On one hand, I have very little tolerance for offclassing for no reason. On the other hand, I'm not too worried by a mediocre sniper going sniper if they can give a decent reason why they think it's the best option. Personal computation on the matter : there is no purely correct solution possible given small community population parameters, and the Australian community has not managed to come up with a solution. Only the US/EU communities worked it out with very, very strict moderation of closed in-house communities for the upper percentile of the community so top players could play in a structured environment when off classing makes sense. Even then, this same debate exists, they simply have a broader range of solutions. Conclusion : There are going to be double standards because some players interacting with these pickups really can justify off classing. There will be many who do not, and deserve the ban hammer. This will create conflict, but not as much conflict as shutting down all off classing as a result of a 'purpose of the pickups' question/debate. As a result, the issue becomes the application of rules and how existing admins and community members do so with clear transparency. If people play a non-core class, there must be reasons why. This however, places the greatest strain on existing personnel costs/administration of all possible solutions. tl;dr tl;dr fuck I hope people don't think ozfortress has it better than here or I might actually need to tie a noose for myself and spammah* camel*
  5. HaXxorIzed

    7/10/13 Enormous Update

    Hey guys we "fixed" a bunch of stuff nobody wanted fixed and broke one of the most fundamentally critical parts of the most important competitive map in the game. Because you know, it's not as if testing for the extremley relevant portions is worth the time. Get fucked. Get fucked double for the condescending attitude towards the TF2 competitive community while slobbering all over the Dota 2 community (YES ICEFROG, CHANGE THE FUNDAMENTAL NATURE OF THE GAME AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, WE HAVE NO PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS OF HOW THE GAME SHOULD BE THAT WE WILL FORCE ON YOU.*). * Disclaimer. I really like that Icefrog balances Dota 2, and not Valve.
  6. HaXxorIzed

    For The Sake Of Sanity

    da fuk la
  7. HaXxorIzed

    For The Sake Of Sanity

    Anything that promotes a circlejerk mentality isn't going to work, be it votekick or whatever. Votekicking is also dumb from a group in a server because you have to track down like eight people and ask them their thoughts or some inane mindless shit nobody can be fucked doing. Let circlejerks survive and even if they have no power whatsoever they make forums and ingame unpleasant. At least when it comes down to admin decisions you have some level of oversight. Ultimately, if you have a community that can't be trusted to self-regulate, at the very least keeping it to a few admins means it's easier to smack someone around the head when they perform dick moves. How you want to set the standards for the admins and hold people to them is going to determine how much the system sucks / doesn't suck / spammah camel / fuzz indian prog rock mystic guy. edit. Also this discussion on situations where a group of x players did some stupid shit is easily resolved. Get a recording of the game and go see if the players were clearly being dicks. If they were, hit them with the rulebook until they bleed. If they were doing something stupid at the cost of the team without actively trying to be dicks, give them the benefit of the doubt this time and ride them hard the next time. Let the fact that people did or didn't complain affect the punishment or need of an admin to be involved. If neither of the above, let it go / and or direct and "suggest" as necessary. No matter which one of the above you do, clearly explain why your admins came to the conclusion they did. Stand your ground and so on. =
  8. HaXxorIzed

    admin transparency and other actions taken by me

    Reaffirmed love. Damn, this is some serious stuff.
  9. HaXxorIzed

    Am I mentally ill?

    MGE wasn't made as a training tool for newbies. It wasn't made as a gospel on how to practice TF2, and it had always been intended to be something the community could modify. Lange (it's creator) absolutely hates it, and says it pretty much killed the fun in TF2 for him, and wishes the entire format was changed so that it was zero-stats except accuracy and "most kills in X minutes" instead of first to x. It was literally made for b4nny and Platinum to warm up because they didn't have anything, not as a way to "learn" tf2. People need to start treating it like this. Play the game as much as possible and spend a little time in MGE, you'll be fine.
  10. HaXxorIzed

    AsiaFortress Meetup part 2.5

    Wish I could attend one of these : (
  11. HaXxorIzed

    Getting into comp play

    Get a room already. Practice rollouts on your own - net_fakelag, sv_cheats 1, any map of your choice. Bind a key to restart round, all that jazz. Download esea invite games to get an idea of how TF2 works, and read Bowt's get good guide. These are starting places.
  12. HaXxorIzed

    Upcoming improvements, additions and metagame changes

    Remember to laugh, laughing is important. Even if you are playing with quality pickup players like Spammah, you can either laugh, rage or cry into your pillow. Laughing is a lot more fun for everyone.
  13. HaXxorIzed

    Morgans Guide to Life

  14. HaXxorIzed


    Most of these "skill detector" threads follow the format Platinum uses for rating players, which is roughly 6.0-7.0 - low to high open 7.1-8.0 = intermediate 8.1 - 8.5 = high intermediate to low invite 8.6 - 9.4/5 = Invite level player 9.5+ = All-star, Top-Tier player, "carry" So I'd presume something similar applies here. I'm not requesting a rating, obviously.
  15. HaXxorIzed


    Why not try it and see how it goes for you?