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    tfw the succ is too much. the fucc is too stronk. the ban is too cronk.
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    This is a friendly reminder to change your tag to "LOGANG" when going against a japanese nat'l team. Good luck in your games :)!
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    24 teams in div 3? are you fucking joking me. this is the greatest season of afc.
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    inb4 only 3 div 1 teams join and we force div 2 players to play in div 1. rippo.
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    0:06 - tj: i'm a cold hearted admin your words have no effect on me 0:06 - tj: i am ubered
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    teejay come to exp mentorship, you need to join.
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    div 3 playoff teams: anti clock wubwub cutefrog backdoor unless one of the teams get slammed like abna in afc 12