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    AiShou and Vonix Fanfiction

    ok day101 still sobbing...
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    Gauging interest in FACEIT

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    Power Couple of Tempus

    It was that usual afternoon, floaty would log in on steam immediately as soon as he got home. So that he could hop into AsiaFortress SG #10 | Jump Advanced | Tempus Network's server to start his daily dose of rocket jumps practice. Rocket jumps are not just a game mode to him, it's also his passion, his fuels, his affection. And tempus means something more to him, it was here at tempus, where he first met meejaey, his bff, crush and senpai. "Maybe if I stay here longer, meejaey would eventually come online and jump with me." Floaty giggled at himself like a Japanese high school girl. 5 hours has passed. Meejeay still has't came online, floaty still stuck at stage 9 of jump_beef. Floaty starting to get depressed, he couldn't get through the jump without the support and cheering from his fellow jumping partner Meejeay. He wondered where did Meejeay go... Finally, at 8pm Singapore time (GMT +8), Meejeay ( Rank 89/24537 demoman ) has joined the sever. Floaty could not contain his excitement, he spammed meejeay with 30 steam messages explaining how he missed him, how desperate he was without him. Normal people might found it annoying. Nevertheless, meejeay found all these so sweet so pleasant to him, because he knew, floaty would only do this to him, not anyone else. Meejaey proceed to enter their own little mumble channel "Love nest of MJ x FlTy" "Why are you so late today darling...what happened.." Floaty moaned to Meejeay. "I was preparing something special for you, its your birthday today bae... don't you remember?" Meejeay whispered back in his sexy Japanese young boy voice. "I bought you this strange specialized killstreak Original with white sheen. Hopefully it will remind you of my gigantic pickle whenever I'm gone." Meanwhile Meejeay gift wrap the original and himself in order to deliver to floaty "I...I am speechless LKldsjflksjfoiqjfoqfjqofiq" Floaty mumbled back while getting turned on. . . . And then they fucking hard core e-sex ed. While alteria, ely and 26 were in spectators watching them crawling over each other and listening to their mumble coms. They were delightful for them as well. . . Meejaey and Floaty are now both rank 69 in tempus. God bless this power couple.