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    It has come to the attention of the AsiaFortress Administrators that player dax of team Fight Club is using a smurf account twix on team neatGrinders


    As stated in Section 5B of the rules, alternate accounts used for following purposes are strictly prohibited:

    - disguise one's identity to play in a division lower than their actual skill

    - participate on another team in the same competition

    dax, in violation of Rule 5B, will receive a 1 season ban from AsiaFortress Cup 18. Both of their accounts will be removed from the teams they are rostered on.


    We hope that this serves as a strict warning to teams that all AsiaFortress Cup 18 participants are subject to the rules, and must follow them in order to maintain the fun and fairness of the competition for all parties.



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    [Rules] [Unlocks] [Division Administrators] [Key Dates and Map Pool]

    Hey everyone! With the COVID-19 pandemic still largely impacting the world, the AsiaFortress Administrators hope that members of the community are coping well in these trying times.

    Here we are for another season of the AsiaFortress Cup! Being the last iteration of the AsiaFortress Cup for the year of 2021, make sure to bring your best rosters this time round! This season, we'll be keeping many of the things that you guys liked in the previous season. We want to assure the community that the near future will be filled with more playtesting opportunities for new things to appear in the season, so stay updated with league news!

    Administrative Changes

    First of all, the AsiaFortress Administrators would like to thank every single one of you who applied to be a Division Administrator. We were touched by the willingness of community members to step up and support the league. However, we are limited on the number of applicants that we can accept, and while we appreciate all the support, we can only onboard so many people. Truly, thank you so much!

    With that, we want to welcome n4ver, B10odf3ud and Gale to the AsiaFortress Administrators. They will be around providing support for teams with any queries across the duration of the season. Don't be afraid to approach them and treat them well!

    At the same time, we want to bid farewell to long-time Division Administrator Takuto. Having been around since AsiaFortress Cup 13, his immense contribution to the AsiaFortress community will be remembered. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

    Map Pool

    By popular demand, cp_sunshine will stay as the final map for the AsiaFortress Cup 18 Map Pool, and thus it will be as follows:

    • Process (cp_process_f7)
    • Gullywash (cp_gullywash_f3)
    • Snakewater (cp_snakewater_final1)
    • Sunshine (cp_sunshine)
    • Reckoner (cp_reckoner_rc6)
    • Product (koth_product_rcx)
    • Clearcut (koth_clearcut_b15d)


    The same plugins, whose support would not be possible without our amazing partners from Qixalite Servers, will remain the same as last season!

    - Ramp slides fix: Prevents players from stopping when sliding off ramps
    - Projectiles Collision: Prevent projectiles from being blocked by teammates
    - Consistent Fall Damage: Removes randomness present in TF2's fall damage


    Similar to the past couple AsiaFortress season, AsiaFortress Cup 18 will be ran through the community-supported platform match.tf. The AsiaFortress Administrators have been building on knowledge season-by-season and we think that right now we can harness the platform to the best of its abilities.

    While the brackets will be run through match.tf, the AsiaFortress Administrators urge players to keep up with the AsiaFortress Discord as well as the AsiaFortress website for league-related news.

    Signups will be open until the 30th July 2021 2359PM GMT+8 so make sure to sign up here before then!



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    Hey everyone! As the title mentions, AsiaFortress is looking for help to assist in the upcoming AsiaFortress Cup 18. This time, facing a much bigger shortage of manpower to help out with the league than ever before, we're opening up more positions for community members to take up the mantle and make AsiaFortress the best that it can be. This round, we're once again looking for Division Administrators, the linchpin of the AsiaFortress Cup tournaments.

    You may apply to be a Division Administrator for the upcoming AsiaFortress Cup 18 here!

    Applications will close 19 July 2021 23:59PM GMT+8



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    It’s the AsiaFortress Summer Skirmish! The first of its kind, the AsiaFortress Summer Skirmish is a middle-of-the-year tournament that will span an entire weekend and will commence this month on the 19th and 20th of June.


    Similar to AsiaFortress Cup, the AsiaFortress Summer Skirmish will be run through the match.tf tournament platform. While the rules will be updated there latest next week, the summary of the tournament format is as follows:

    • Tournament matches each day will be played from 8pm GMT+8 to 10pm GMT+8
    • Teams will compete in a series of 4 best-of-one series on the Sat, 19th June 2021
      • Each series will be a single map, played to 30 minutes, or score difference of 5, whichever comes first
      • No ties. In the event that the scores are tied after 30 minutes, a Golden Cap round will be played
      • If the Golden Cap round does not end within 10 minutes, the team that has control of the middle point will be considered the winner of the map
    • The top 4 teams will advance to a best-of-3 single elimination bracket playoffs on Sun, 20th June 2021
    • Teams must show up to matches no more than 10 minutes after each match, at which point the AsiaFortress Administrators have the right to disqualify them from the tournament


    Map Pool:

    • cp_metalworks
    • cp_process_f7
    • cp_reckoner_rc6
    • cp_sunshine
    • koth_product_rcx

    To sign up, head over to here page to sign up! Signups will close on Friday, 18th June 2021 8PM GMT+8, so make sure to sign up before then!



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    [Rules] [Unlocks] [Division Administrators] [Map Pool]

    We're back for 2021! Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that everyone in the community has been staying safe.

    Ready for another season? So are we! This season, we're trying new maps, plugins to make the 6s experience the best it can be.

    Maps: Refresh Project

    The Refresh Project is a competitive take on some of the game's most popular competitive maps. AsiaFortress Cup 17 will be running the refreshed versions of both Process(cp_process_f7) and Gullywash(cp_gullywash_f3)

    Maps: 2 Koth Maps?

    Furthermore, this season, we will be including Clearcut (koth_clearcut_b15d), introducing for the first time ever, a second KOTH map in our rotation.


    We've been behind other league in incorporating these Quality-of-Life plugins into competitive play, but this season AsiaFortress Cup 17 will be providing support for the following plugins:

    - Ramp slides fix: Prevents players from stopping when sliding off ramps
    - Projectiles Collision: Prevent projectiles from being blocked by teammates
    - Consistent Fall Damage: Removes randomness present in TF2's fall damage


    Once again, AsiaFortress Cup 17 will be run through match.tf. We think that the system so far has been rather intuitive and convenient for old and new players alike, and will continue to use it. However, please do make sure to join the AsiaFortress Discord and check the AsiaFortress site as all league news will be posted on both of these platforms.

    Signups, found here, are open until 7th March 2021 2359PM GMT+8, so sign up ASAP!