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    Each year Gamers United likes to give back to special causes…


    This year we want to support the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne by supporting their Good Friday Appeal.


    Gamers United are taking the Auction approach…we have a Red Sentry Gun TF2 poster signed by the team at Valve for the highest bidder. This is a rare and unquie item with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.


    Get your bids in here





    OWL7 Division 1 Top 4 Decider TONIGHT!


    Beta vs Spadebox LIVE at 11:00pm NZ


    Thats right tonight is the decider for the OWL7 Finals Top 4, syf still have a chance to make it into the top four but it will require Spadebox to lose tonight followed by a win against Beta next week, those are still good odds but the more likely candidates at this stage are Beta and Spadebox who will be going head to head tonight on Gullywash and Badlands in an epic match up.


    Beta has performed extremely well this season with some impressive games even though they have faced super sluts on multiple occasions while Spadebox started off slightly below expectations, but that got thrown out the window completely with an amazing game against BOB in Round 3 and as you can see they are now going head to head to try and secure a spot in the finals.


    GreaverTV will be covering the match tonight in glorius 4mb/s 720p so if a live stream is your thing you can find deets below, but if you prefer to watch in STV and listen to the cast sync'd in mumble you can do that as well because those deets are below too.


    This game has a lot riding on it so I grabbed Spitty and Realmy from Beta and the one and only Puddy from Spadebox for an interview to find out how each team is feeling going into this match.



    SourceTV: connect mal.ipgn.com.au:27035


    GreaverTV Mumble: mumble.greavertv.com:10076


    Live Stream: www.Twitch.TV/GreaverTV


    Check out GreaverTV on Twitch.TV, in HD on Youtube and stay notified on Twitter and Steam


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