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AFC Rules [Loopholes and Pitfalls]

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DISCLAIMER: The respective admins of AsiaFortress have the right to change the rules to the AFC regular season (although they should put it in the rules but this is why i'm here so yeah xd)


Recently, I have noticed the Division 1 Match (AFC11) between BBQ and BBT that BBQ has used two postpones(or it looked like it from their comment on the match thread). This made me question the rule stated in section 3E.

Each team is allowed a maximum of one (1) match postponement to the following week without penalty.
The team which postpones will have to play two matches the following week to compensate and keep the tournament on schedule.

Now this certainly was alarming to me. Under taking consideration the two postponements of BBQ, I realized that if the rules were clarified/enforced (depends on how you look at it) more, the match between TDi and CtZ wouldn't have been so disastrous. TDi losing their main caller and their roamer, they believed that they were forced to play the game without the chance to postpone and I wouldn't blame them. At first glance, it is certainly one postpone for the entire season... or is it?

My Main Qualms with the Rules

  • It is not explained in detail.
  • Since AFC follows two tournament types per season, it is unknown to what extent these rules can still apply.
  • Some of the rules can easily be exploited.

Here is a rule stated in 4J.

Pausing during a match will now be allowed where players clearly exhibit technical issues that inhibit their gameplay. As a guideline, the pause should not last longer than five minutes before teams attempt to find a replacement. Both teams must give the all clear to un-pause.
Both teams are given a maximum of 3 pauses per game. Further pauses must be agreed upon by the enemy team.
Excessive use of this function or use for inappropriate and/or unfair purposes will be heavily punished. Reporting such inappropriate use should be done as a dispute to a match upon which the League Administrators will make a ruling.

This is an example of another ambiguous rule. Case and point, the phrase "exhibit technical issues".

Clearly exhibiting technical issues that inhibit their gameplay, it seems like a logical rule but once you notice that the only way to do that is to actually FPS or Internet lag. I want to provide a viable solution/suggestion to this rule.

It being this...


Each team will have two pauses for each match, they could use the pauses to their own judgment; however, the pause must not exceed four minutes. If it does exceed, the other team are given the power to unpause the game after messaging the enemy captain/players in the server 15 seconds before the unpause. Under the occurrence where four minutes have exceeded and both teams do not want to unpause, it can continue until one team unpauses.

Anyway, it's late and I will fix this sentence maybe tommorow but here are its' main improvements...

  • Pauses are made to aid the teams that utilize them, that is why they need to have the power to determine when and what to pause on.
  • The pauses are not going to be exploited because the moment the pause exceeds four minutes, both teams have the power to unpause.

Overall, I believe that limiting pauses for VISIBLE technical difficulties would be a huge mistake since pauses are made to ensure that the quality of the game is to be maintained consistently and as fairly. There are many gameplay inhibitions that exist in the gaming world, that is why limiting the acceptance/tolerance to pause through only two reasons is absolutely mind boggling to me.

Next is the rule in 4C.

A maximum of two mercenaries may be used during a regular season round, and a maximum of 6 mercenaries per season. In emergency circumstances, a maximum of one mercenary per team may be permitted during playoff matches, at the discretion of the AsiaFortress Administrator team.
A mercenary can be used without the permission of the other team if they are a member of a team currently active in the same division or below. If the proposed mercenary is not a member of any team participating in the AsiaFortress Cup 11 the opposing team’s captain and your division administrator must agree to allow them to play.
The following guidelines apply:
  • It is clearly and honestly communicated to the other team who the mercenary is and why they are being used.
  • A mercenary cannot be used in place of an available eligible player.
  • The mercenary must be named when reporting or confirming results in the match thread.

I know it's a nitpick but I believe that we need to explain or clarify what we mean by mercenaries here. For experienced/old players, it might seem obvious but definitely new players still mistake mercenaries/mercs' original meaning. The rules are here to clarify things, not to put even more fog in the mix.

The next on the agenda is the rule in 4IC.

The Golden Cap round will last until either team captures the enemy’s last point. There is no time limit to a Golden Cap round.

The least fleshed out rule in my opinion, reason being, that there is no golden cap configs/specifications. I am under the impression that both Shana and AsiaFortress (main servers being played on AFC) have a config specifically designed for Golden Cap (If there is, then I stand corrected). It is imperative to have configs designed for this because what most teams usually do is run the Golden Cap with another normal/default AFC config. The problem occurs is when the whole 30 minute mark comes down and the game ends. If the enemy team capped four points, do they have to reset? What if the enemy team was pushing last and was about to win then suddenly the timer ran out? I think the best solution for this is by adding another rule.


When the normal/default AFC config's timer runs out, the 1st golden cap round is rendered void and another round will be played using the same config; however, the win conditions will be, the first team who captures the middle point wins the round.


It's 2:37 AM in the morning right now and I'm ready to discuss this in the comments below.

Also, I'll add more tomorrow or later. I can't do it now because I'm tired.



5/1/17 Clarified the situation of BBQ using two postpones
5/1/17 Added a disclaimer
5/1/17 Changed "forfeit" to "postpone"
5/1/17 Added the Edit Log
4/30/17 Fixed spelling mistakes


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ifun for af admin 2k17

p.s. She's also a very hot grill medic

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4 hours ago, Mitch said:

Wait hold the f*ck up, kachows female? 

Memes are genderfluid

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