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So I heard Cho was denying his hax...................

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After seeing this guy adamantly denying his hax on the forums, picking a fight with our darling joe about being transfer denied and being all macho...


read more about it here: http://asiafortress....2-24-july-2013/


I just HAD to catch this mofo redhanded.


So I did.


[EDIT: I have fail forum searching skills] so I can't screenshot his exchange with joe and place it in the video... Ah such regret...


Nevertheless, I hope everyone can take a few minutes and enjoy taking this noobie apart in a very poorly edited video which simply speaks for itself.




p.s. do watch it in full screen HD goodness ;)



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Lol..... @cho get off asia's pug man.... u just bad... the video speaks for itself.... like get some skills....

And dun bother askin anyone to mge just to show your "skills" cos u just be hacking


@All admins of afl .... can we ban this guy? I feel that we shud.... lets ask nata? We shud cos if not more ppl will hack somemore


All these are just my opinion. Nothing else. But i find actions shud be taken to this guy

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Cheaters are permabanned now and forever. Looking at his past posts, I doubt he will show any remorse for his actions so get ready for a slew of aliasing f2p accounts.

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