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  1. Azazel

    I'm sorry Spammah!

    (TEAM) spammah : why is our pocket holding so far back (TEAM) spammah : every single damn time (TEAM) spammah : holy shit (TEAM) spammah : and u expect me not to rage (TEAM) spammah : fuck (TEAM) spammah : nvm (TEAM) Az : its a pug (TEAM) spammah : ok so? (TEAM) Az : u have to use your own skill (TEAM) spammah : stfu (TEAM) Az : to finish off your kills (TEAM) Az : just your own words man (TEAM) Az : :S (TEAM) spammah : you dont know what you're talking about aza. stfu please (TEAM) Az : wtv man (TEAM) spammah : and also you suck (TEAM) Az : just a tad bit ironic (TEAM) spammah : nope (TEAM) spammah : not at all (TEAM) Az : ) (TEAM) spammah : in fact (TEAM) spammah : i dare you to come argue with me in the forums (TEAM) spammah : wanna publicly make fun of you (TEAM) Az : i dont need to (TEAM) spammah : ok (TEAM) spammah : you're retarded (TEAM) spammah : got it (TEAM) Az : yeah yeah spammah i am (TEAM) Az : u are the best (TEAM) Az : (TEAM) spammah : thanks (TEAM) spammah : ) (TEAM) spammah : a MILLION TIMES better than you are. (TEAM) Az : yes yes u are (TEAM) spammah : thanks. needed an empty friends slot (TEAM) Az : np spammah : tj spammah : do u know the command for writing logs spammah : need to save funny chat spammah : nvm ill ask nata to dig uip spammah : got it. /condump aza-funny (TEAM) spammah : aggressive please (TEAM) spammah : your teammateas are dying in the front (TEAM) spammah : lona (TEAM) spammah : oh my god (TEAM) spammah : just never mind (TEAM) spammah : dont know what to say (TEAM) spammah : at least i got to delete one retard from friends list today (TEAM) spammah : good pug (TEAM) spammah : thanks for droppign me (TEAM) spammah : good heals (TEAM) spammah : 10/10 (TEAM) Omegarr : spammah you still have cuteman and wish to bitch about (TEAM) Omegarr : complete the list (TEAM) spammah : i got lunch (TEAM) spammah : let's argue about it later (TEAM) spammah : im gonna go make a thread or something (TEAM) spammah : before aza starts gossiping (TEAM) Az : very scary (TEAM) Az : O.o (TEAM) spammah : about his version of events (TEAM) spammah : to everyone (TEAM) spammah : and im telling you without any bias or negative hate (TEAM) spammah : lona's fault for not pushing advantage (TEAM) lona : ? (TEAM) spammah : hate me all you like (TEAM) lona : we have no players just now lol (TEAM) lona : az (TEAM) lona : whats wrong with spammah (TEAM) skar LFT : who knows This happened during this game: http://logs.tf/264148 I was out of line, I'm sorry. Sometimes our emotions get the better of us, including me. http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2897-admin-transparency-and-other-actions-taken-by-me/hl=spammah I tried to re-add you but it appears I have been blocked and deleted. Sorry for being retarded!
  2. Azazel

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Frosty quoted me so I feel the need to give him credit where credit is due. Excellent selection of a spot on quotation. You might not have improved your tf2 game but your quote selection is premier. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, since OP started with walls of text I shall show an equal respect and reply with wall of texts and lay off on my cute images. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personally, I do not think it is possible for a forum plea to transform veteran players into carebears who will gladly carry your penis on a silver platter. I wouldn't. And I'm not even a veteran. I'm not saying you are asking me to carry your penis on a silver platter. I just like the image so I am using it. From your perspective, it seems mean for people to be commenting on how much you suck. You might not suck, or you might really really suck. Sometimes you do so from a straw, other times from a penis. On occasion you don't suck anything. However, from other players' perspectives, you are being mean to them by being a perpetual burden. Everyone starts off as a burden but everyone improves in due time. Some were treated poorly, some were treated nicely. Some people improve faster when treated nicely because they like their ego stroked. Some people improve faster when treated poorly because they feel the drive to prove everybody wrong. Different people, different approach. If you are one of those guys that needs the harsh truth, me being nice to you when you actually suck donkey balls is doing you a great disservice and is detrimental to your improvement! On the other hand, I don't think other people should really give a shit about what approach works for you. I think everyone should have the right to express whatever they feel like expressing, without worrying about the image the community gives off as a whole, a half, a quarter, or a penis. The community's image is for the representatives of AFL to maintain. They are the figureheads, and they need to act a certain way because they are the admins in charge of running abcdefg and the welfare of penis1 penis2 and penis3. Players on the other hand have the freedom to act however they like. Honestly, who the hell is going to dictate how I am going to act. The admins? As long as I don't break the AF rules in servers, no admin can tell me how to act. I can be a douchebag and talk about penises all day if I want. You can love me or hate me. I don't give a fuck. Some people are "nice" and love to suck on newbie penises. Some people are regular people and say it as it is. My point is, different people different perspectives different approaches different penises different lengths different feelings in vagilas. Aint nobody got time to care about your feelings, my feelings, your penis, my penis. Oh wait, the fact that you posted so many walls of texts regarding your feelings and how you deserve to be respected means you actually spent a significant amount of your time caring about your feelings and penis. Hrm. My advice to you. Stop feeling and start thinking. THINK about what you can do to stop all this rage coming your way. If you are the type that gets your feelings hurt because veterans stomped all over your penis and its all bruised, then put it in a cast and resume play with new thick foreskin. If you are the type that loves the veteran rage and uses all the criticism to rub even harder, then channel all the energy and cumshot their face with your superb aim and game sense when you eventually get there. The more important question is... Do you love to play 6v6 tf2? If you do, then you will endure everything and anything to improve as fast as you can and prove yourself to everybody that you aren't a burden because really, this community is the ONLY place you are going to get day to day 6v6 pugs regularly. Those who aren't able to do that, simply end up as one of those people who sucked so hard but couldn't make it come. "Oh afl is so horrigible they all scold me i am new but they no help they just scold and scold my penis is in pain i cannot get it hard anymore because so many bruise i think if they stomp one more time it is going to snap into two and become two halves of one penis omg i cant take it anymore i am so sad they are so mean omg omg omg nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I GO PLAY CS GO ITS SO GOOD MY PENIS RECOVERS THERE!" How you deal with rage is up to you. You can complain on the forum about it, but there is NOTHING you can say or do to stop "malicious" and "vitriol" comments made about your suckiness because you really are sucky. I feel that while you have the right to be sucky, I should also have the right to tell you how sucky you are because your suckiness translates to my team suckiness and sometimes when both teams are equally sucky then the pug is entirely sucky. So stop sucking. Some earlier posts actually give advice on where to seek help, what guides to read, which invite games to watch and which penises to suck. Your improvement is your own responsibility. We live in a dark world. No one is truly nice, so don't expect niceties from an online community. I personally find the "nice" people the most phony of them all. Good Luck DLH, hopefully in time you will be able to cumshot every veteran with your insane aim and game sense as the new div 1 penis stroker. Till then, don't suck so much la. I root for all newbies also I also newbie i start last year december only i also very noob penis kena stomp until in half but its ok I play with a half penis now. - Az
  3. While I am not encouraging "unfettered rage" at the slightest of events, I am pointing out that deserved rage from experienced players will exist and it comes down to how those whom are raged at deal with said rage. How anybody is going to achieve a greater maturity and understanding among veteran players in phony niceness, or genuine niceness, is unfathomable to me. Perhaps some sessions with Fuzz on the couch will help create a friendly, rage-free community? While I remain skeptical of the possibility, if this is achieved by Fuzz the self-proclaimed psychiatrist of sorts I would be genuinely happy. Also, while I'm sure we all appreciate the very informative explanation of how anger can be transformed into resolve... I ponder about its relevance to the discussion of our community and the disparity between the veterans, newbies, and the in-betweens. I don't disagree, but I ponder. First of all, I'm not sure the expression of any emotion is based on the "worth" of said expression. I don't think emotions can be switched off because said emotion is not "worth" being expressed. Given your premise of anger and its worth of expression... I wonder if you ascribe your value of worthy anger to everybody else's value of worthy anger as though you truly understand how everybody in the community values their personal, individual, experienced emotion of anger. You must really be more than just a self-proclaimed psychiatrist... but a true-born psychic! I really hate to burst your bubble, but your call for anger to be deemed unworthy and bottled up is truly difficult to not consider idealistic. To keep this relevant...let me attempt to find a direct correlation to our situation... So... veterans who feel greatly frustrated by burdening new players on their pug team should..... "throw off their shackles of hatred(and anger) and discover what it truly means to possess an unshakeable resolve" to...... Change the world? Impact the universe? Among all these vague references to somehow inspire the changing of the world through an anger-transformed UNSHAKEABLE resolve... I am still somewhat perplexed. Change the community maybe? Oh I get it now... asiafortress as a community should channel all the rage from witnessing new players ruin pugs into an UNSHAKEABLE resolve of ???????????? that will magically transform everybody into ponies. Meh. I'm a realist. Speaking from the perspective of the not-really veteran yet still quite noob... It is infinitely easier to not expect people to be nice to you because nobody owes you ANYTHING. While it may be hard to swallow negative criticism and squeeze the positive out of it, that is the best way new players can deal with veteran rage. The community can always be hateful, angry, and even if Fuzz magically creates a friendlier community with his beard, it won't matter if you don't let it affect you negatively. This is my experience and it may or may not help you. It is veteran rage that forced me to practice more and play with more common sense. It is also veteran rage that keeps me accountable for what decisions I make in a pug where everybody is trying to play a role in winning the round. Squeeze the positives out of veteran rage. Let them rage because you can't stop what they feel or say, but YOU have to buck up and show them later that you have improved. Remember, that with the +1 list in effect, there is no way anyone can stop you from pugging. The only person stopping you from pugging is yourself. That is MY theory. So, allow me to reiterate. If you are burdening a team trying to legitimately win, you deserve the rage coming your way. If no one rages at you, consider it a bonus because you should be raging at yourself for not contributing. Embrace said rage and, by fuzz's logic which I may prove useful in this situation, get angry and transform that into resolve and improve like a muthafucka to change your badness into goodness. Think of it this way. If you performed badly, you performed badly. Don't blame people for pointing it out. Blame yourself for performing badly, and work on it. I do not have anything clever to quote from Einstein to make myself seem more credible than my own narcissistic opinions, so I leave you with a quote of myself p.s. I always fight duels with samurai swords. As per your guidance I congratulate myself after every HAIYA!
  4. what. that went down quick. ok thank you too.
  5. Firstly, public tf2 is a place to fuck around. I'm sure that it is close to unanimous that the gravity of winning or losing a round in cp_dustbowl is far less compared to our beloved 30 min round pugs. If pugs were ALL THAT light-hearted and inconsequential then there would be no need for rules and regulations because its just a game right? Just anyhow only. So my point up to this point points towards the point that tf2 in a competitive setting (even in a public competitive setting) is NOT simply a casual game and there is a degree of seriousness involved. Leave fucking around to public fuckfests. Moving on... Saying things nicely is like self-censorship. I am truly, genuinely, authentically, ANGRY inside when S.S.U.B's are burdening my team when I am trying my best to win. Are you asking all of AFL to have to take on a plastic, hypocritical, two-faced, phony approach to S.S.U.B's by self-censoring their seething anger and portraying that in a watered-down fashion in order to coddle the egos of new players whom are attempting to drive a car without hands? This is the internet. Social niceties are a luxury. Life isn't fair. Why can't everybody just be nice? Try telling your screaming mother that after you spill milk on her favourite couch. EVERYBODY will never be nice. SOMEBODY might be nice. NICE is relative. I have a theory. EVERYBODY behaves according to their motivations. People are "nice" for a reason. The ones who are "nice" to you, are usually the ones who are the phoniest mothafuckas. You are stupid if you believe "nice" at face value. Appreciate the honesty, embrace the rage. It's good for you.
  6. There are newbies who are competent in DM ability, and just need the right mindset and more experience to develop basic game sense to be able to perform in pugs. There are also ultimate baddies who are incompetent in DM ability who flick rockets into the sky. Bad DM + Bad Gamesense = Super Saiyan Ultimate Baddy Super Saiyan Ultimate Baddies are what fuels ultimate rage from their pug team who needs a truck to carry his meaningless deaths and lack of damage output. I personally feel that Super Saiyan Ultimate Baddies deserve to be raged at. I don't feel like I need to be nice to Super Saiyan Ultimate Baddies because they are coming into a passworded pug server when they are not even performing well in pubs. Rage against S.S.U.B's are a sign for them to go practice more and watch more videos/demos/youtube before coming back with l33t aim. I think nobody owes anybody a living, and I do not believe in a world where everybody is nice to everybody because we all know that is a load of bullshit. Are you going to be nice to newbies and pick them into your pug team when you are a medic captain in order to give them a chance to learn and mentor them on the go, or are you going to pick known puggers whom you can rely on to win the game? Nobody likes to lose, even in a public 6v6 competitive setting. Remember, people rage at Super Saiyan Ultimate Baddies not because they are BAD. People rage at Super Saiyan Ultimate Baddies because they are BURDENING their team when they are trying their best to win. You can be BAD all day in your own corner as long as you don't cross the line and affect my time spent on a weekend afternoon trying to win pugs. Ultimately, it is their own fault for being bad. Yes, everyone was bad once. But that doesn't mean Super Saiyan Ultimate Baddies should be spoon-ed, cushioned, and have their balls carried by veterans who have come this far through blood, toil and sweat sitting in a chair in front of a computer. S.S.U.B's can approach mentors separately for help and i'm sure they will not face the same rage as when they are burdening a pug. Stop complaining about being on the receiving end of rage because nobody deserves a smile. 95 percent of smiles are fake anyway. I made that up.
  7. Azazel

    gj guys

    Just so everyone is clear I don't want to fuck little male or female babies i just want to ask for their permission and receive goo-s and ga-s as consent. "Hi Johnnie Can I fuck you up your poo poo?" "goo goo ga ga" "Ok thx for your consent, here's a lollipop :D" no pun intended.
  8. Azazel

    gj guys

    i love u
  9. Azazel

    gj guys

    http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3238-everything-isnt-about-you-a-psa/#entry30513 Do you feel like you're playing dodgeball? Like every rocket is flying straight towards you? Being judgmental, self-righteous, and going all "oh my god maybe I should just go home boohoo sniff" is not going to get you any sympathy votes. I repeat, please retake English Paper 2. If my meatshot was clearly meant for you I would be glad to take credit for it. However you just love to shove your face into meatshots. If i'm not being clear enough, nothing I mentioned in my initial post was in jest of YOU or your OPINION. Get over yourself glass ego.
  10. Azazel

    gj guys

    Please retake English Paper 2
  11. Azazel

    gj guys

  12. Azazel

    gj guys

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statutory_rape Waiting for the day that everyone is okay with sex with minors so I can go ahead and ask the permission of all little babies (male or female) if I can put my pee pee into their wee wee or poo poo and take their goo goo and ga ga as consent. Nothing wrong since it was consensual! - pedoyaro
  13. Also i'd like to remind everybody that this forum thread pertains specifically to Puzzled's 5 suggestions. Everybody's opinion is valued and respected but let's try our very very best to not turn this into another "bobb did not get picked but let's discuss off-classing in pugs and how it helps creativity and allows for practice for effective offclassing but when nubu offclassers do it they become burden and teammates get mad and argument carries on yay yay yay!" situation. Focus focus! For or Against Puzz's ideas? Counter suggestions?
  14. Before this thread turns into a heart warming, tear jerking, thought inspiring, ball scratching, cum guzzling reminder that we should all play nice... I will first declare my two thumbs up to the above expressed sentiments. Even though these emotions have been expressed long before by different people using different words, the fact that these same pleas for a kinder and more pleasant community show that people are still reasonable and they do care. More importantly, I think the most urgent issue to address is the lack of an accountable and definitive voice. Dictator or not, we need a leader. For non-mandarin speaking friends, here is translation. That being said, I don't mean to insinuate that our current admins are incompetent and unable to carry out their duties. No, I am not blatantly stating that they are incompetent and unable to carry out their duties either. However, for all things to run smoothly, there is a need for a decision maker who can get things done like my man Hitler. That's right, I think we need an end game boss who is feared and respected. Or we could remain status quo. It is not an easy job being an admin, especially when the community scrutinizes with such piercing glares at every decision and potential mistake that may be born as a result. If it were up to me, I'd ban anyone who dares speak up in my presence. Rawr. All jokes aside, good effort admins! Mistakes are mistakes but effort is effort as well! Also, I urge everybody to disregard my opinion and seriously consider Puzzled's suggestion. I do not agree with him entirely, but everyone should at least take a sip of his wall of text and swirl it around the tongue for abit. P.S. I have said absolutely nothing except for everyone reading this to read Puzzled's post but if you are here it means you would have already read his post so my post is entirely pointless and redundant but you can go read his post again just to make sure you understand it properly and then read mine and realize I have said absolutely nothing again.