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  1. name ppl who u think can or could have been div 1s
  2. why no conch!
  3. Cooler than shounice :3 jk shounic
  4. Pls bring it back. Makes it much easier to talk to ppl ingame who are in spec
  5. just wondering where it will be upload to... Ur bro's youtube account?
  6. Welcome! Be sure to read the guides and research on the roles u play and also those that you don't.
  7. Maybe include a link to your steam profile so that ppl can add u? :3
  8. Get in the scene and practice. get a feel of comp tf2 and of course research about the role u want to play and also find out more about other classes as well. And make sure u can take in criticism XD cheers~
  9. Paging sakiisa lee
  10. Lol Joel speaking strongly on this.... as expected, such dedication to his main class XD. Jokes aside I think its a good idea to have it in, only thing i find people worrying about is pyros from last to last. So i think its really just more of changing the offclass rules abit. Once the rules are enforced, i think putting in more unlocks would be fine.
  11. ..... ............................... ................................................. NICE SIKH KAWAII SUCH LOVE
  12. Lesson learn guys. Care bottom left on last :3
  13. Firstly u might want to add a link to your steam acc Secondly in asia there is only 3 divs
  14. And also there is an edit option my friend :3