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admin transparency and other actions taken by me

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In order to preserve and not tarnish the name, reputation and all the hard work nata and his crew have been putting through for AF, to throw some light into server admin transparency and finally to quell some rumors about admin abuse, I'll briefly write out my side of things for the past few weeks and why I've taken certain actions as far as AF pug servers are concerned so maybe the pug community can actually have a positive atmosphere moving forward (fingers crossed).


Starting with names:


1. Pizzawow: this guy has had it coming for a long while now. Not counting the fact that he wants to play with 300 ms and STILL offclasses like a motherfucker, he's even spoiled SCRIM matches that he himself painstakingly organized in the first place by offclassing and doing retarded stuff (ask Jr or others for more info). If after all this he wants to make random comments and talk shit in the pug svrs, sure it's free speech but when you've already got a shit history, don't expect the veterans to take it lightly anymore.


What led to his ban? All the players were bantering in gullywash warmup as we were waiting for players, We finally get players and get the match started, pizzawow can't roll to spec cuz of his ping, but still feels the need to whine about it every 5 min and ask teammates to swap classes with him (we all know how that's gonna go). Then when we can't protect his ass (cuz of his 300 ms lag) or he runs off healing other players and not his pocket, he decides to make off-hand remarks such as "dis player", "dis playerX", "dis playerY" and at this point becomes ridiculous.


Then he decides to make some light racist comments at me. Pretty sure I can take any sort of fucking joke including extremely racist ones but I sure as hell ain't going to accept it from this guy who's already been testing people's ire for a long while now. The actions leading up to the ban went like this


him: "spammah camel"

me: "stfu"

him: "spammah camel xD"

me: "say it one more time etc"

him: "sandman"

me: *ban*


The ban has been agreed and approved and at the behest of nata, I lowered the ban time to 1 month. Pizza, you just have no idea how much the guys who make AF possible show mercy and leniency on the 'pug trolls', hopefully someday you will..


2. color.io aka lime: I was the person who banned you for 3 days over the weekend for leaving without getting a sub at a time when the server only had 12/20 players. You kinda killed the pug..


3. Omega-synthetic: You're part of the new gen kids/players who thinks the pug servers are glorified pub servers where you can screw around, offclass a lot, go afk for small amounts of time during the game, burdening your team so bad either they have to hard carry you or get demolished 0-5. You don't even seem to want to try to get better clearly indicating you do not care ONE bit about the other 11 players in the server who are putting their effort and energy to accomplish something everyday in a competitive environment... That's why I can't look at you at a basic level of respect anymore and currently treat you with contempt. It's not pub fortress 2.


4. Rhapsody: ^ refer to omega


5. VGNSH viggi: ^ refer to omega


6. KRitz Brzrkr: ^ refer to omega, and srsly, are you unable to work something out with your parents so you can play ONE full 30 minute pug game?


7. r4wr: he typed !sub in a 12/20 server, no one was available to !replace, so he /quit so i banned him for a week. another player connected to the server a few minutes later and said r4wr asked him to join the server to sub him. so i removed the ban.


8. caroline: i don't know who this dude is but we were bantering a bit in some random csgo server until he started going over the top with some mean spirited curses and i ignored him. when we were paired up in the same team in tf2, he decided to continue his retarded shit until i told him to stfu. he went on again and i booted his ass out of the server. Maybe know and understand your limits before you do such things next time. I'm not one of your singaporean azn friends that's gonna keep quiet and take your lame shit(l2joke) silently. Don't push someone who's done absolutely nothing to you.


9. Azazel: I regret and apologize for whatever took place with me and Azazel today. It was completely my mistake and I acted out of pure emotion more than anything. Already spoken to azazel and reaffirmed our love for each other and he can take me from behind anytime.


Lastly, there is one regular who made an interesting comment directed to me today.


"harm: you kick other people for racism but you're the most racist person in AFL"


Because you clearly aren't a racist when it's not convenient to you, right? Almost every racist remark I say is in jest and if someone had a problem with it, I stop immediately. Making racist remarks for the sole intention of hurting ppl while I myself play in an ASIAN server doesn't make sense, does it now? I've honestly never liked you much after seeing you change from a nice guy to some weirdass guy with weird attitude. I'm more than happy to continue this conversation with you when we meet next in the pug svrs or in PM or whatever. Until then, I hope you recall your old personality and how you used to be. Good luck.


So that's my side of things.


Does this mean that we're implying that the f2p and new gen players are not welcome in the pug servers and should fuck off? NO. In fact all the veterans and regulars invite and encourage all the new players to come in, play, have fun and LEARN. All we ask is that you try to look at things from a good player's perspective and how much effort each individual puts in and you respect his energy/efforts and you work with each other into turning pugs into an enjoyable, learning and friendly fun atmosphere instead of the current state it is in right now. It's ok to suck, nobody cares about that, but being blatantly obtuse and doing your own selfish thing in pug 6s is what gets under most players' skins. Trolling is ok but at least be open and communicative about what you're doing and have a soft limit because different players have different goals in mind.

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me and and all the other admins who had the pleasure of shooting nata in the nuts with paint balls want our kicking powers back

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You two wanna join the love train?



me and and all the other admins who had the pleasure of shooting nata in the nuts with paint balls want our kicking powers back

i think banhammer better

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