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  1. sorry we cannot sat how bout 4 apr (fri) 930 gmt +8?
  2. granary 5-3 to 6prince s http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=243994151 snakewater 3-0 to 6princes http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=243994195 ggwp guys!
  3. haluuuuu

    forum likes

    pls show the likers of the posts again and pls do not limit our likes per day
  4. haluuuuu

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    and when they are in the server they can be like, '(TEAM) xxxxxxx : fuck la just throw game faster finish'? anyway, i do agree we shud enforce the compulsory mumble thing, just that players have to be patient to let ppl join mumble, instead of urging others to ready up ready up and ready up
  5. haluuuuu

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    are these puggers from lowyat? (just asking) coz seems like they will call anyone who kills them 'god' if it's 6 months, u shudnt be dropping any uber once i was spectating you and i felt dizzy because of your ridiculously high sensitivity and the incapability of you hitting a stationary target lastly, (Spectator) nata de coco :[ ] : here, have some milk
  6. badlands 7-2 to 6kings snakewater 5-0 to 6 kings ggwp guys!
  7. then night? we better at night as well
  8. how bout sunday?? afternoon time also can
  9. hello can play on sunday 16 march?
  10. and btw please allow us to use a merc for the match because even its weekend there are only 5 members available this weekend