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Day 2 - [Division 2 Loser's Finals] PGTF2 vs. define. TF2

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Home Team: PGTF2


Away Team: define. TF2


Map List: koth_pro_viaduct_rc3, cp_warmfront, cp_gullywash_final1, cp_yukon, cp_granary


  • Teams have 30 mins prior to the start of the match, to select their maps and server choices. To facilitate arrangement after previous matches, please add each other on steam chat for quick chat transaction.
  • If matches are not arranged 15 mins after the stated time, admins have the decision to select the maps for them.
  • All teams are reminded to have their full team line up at least 30mins before the match time.
  • Teams have a maximum of 15 minutes after match time stated in the case of any problems faced, to fix the problems


To be played by: 7th January 2012, 2130HR



Home Team Eliminates: cp_granary

Away Team Elminates: cp_yukon

Home Team Pick: cp_warmfront

Away Team Pick: cp_gullywash_final1

Tie Breaker Map: koth_pro_viaduct_rc3


Results: warmfront 5-0 PGTF2, gullywash 5-0 PGTF2


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9:09 PM - Kigz2: hey, we eliminated granary

9:09 PM - Bunny: f-

9:09 PM - Bunny: we elim yukon

9:09 PM - Kigz2: ok

9:09 PM - Kigz2: we pick wamrfront

9:10 PM - Kigz2: wat u pickkkk

9:10 PM - Bunny: gullywash

9:10 PM - Bunny: kig

9:10 PM - Kigz2: OAKY

9:10 PM - Bunny: can we have seks after?

9:10 PM - Bunny: :D

9:10 PM - Kigz2: rly quick

9:10 PM - teal #teachplz: NO

9:10 PM - Bunny: =/

9:10 PM - teal #teachplz: U GUYS

9:11 PM - Kigz2: like 5 mins of seks thats it

9:11 PM - Bunny: Teal y u so no fun

9:11 PM - Bunny: =<

9:11 PM - Kigz2: plz

9:11 PM - Bunny: plz

9:11 PM - Bunny: plzplzplz


9:11 PM - Bunny: PLZ

9:11 PM - Kigz2: yea

9:11 PM - teal #teachplz: 1 SECOND

9:11 PM - Kigz2: i'll just go in

9:11 PM - Kigz2: do some damage

9:11 PM - Bunny: LOL

9:11 PM - Kigz2: and get out


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