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Day 1 - [Division 2 Winner's Semifinals] PGTF2 vs. cRs

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Home Team: PGTF2


Away Team: cRs


Map List: koth_ashville_rc1, cp_obscure_final, cp_snakewater, cp_freight_final, cp_badlands


  • Teams have till 3 hours prior to the start of the match, to select their maps and server choices.
  • If matches are not arranged by time stated, admins have the decision to select the maps for them.
  • All teams are reminded to have their full team line up at least 1 hour before the match time.
  • Teams have a maximum of 15 minutes after match time in the case of any problems faced, to fix the problems


To be played by: 6th January 2012, 1930HR



Home Team Eliminates: koth_ashville_rc1

Away Team Elminates: cp_obscure_final

Home Team Pick: cp_snakewater

Away Team Pick: cp_badlands

Tie Breaker Map: cp_freight_final




crs has forfeited

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airshot and me are having abit of mood issues, he is currently offline to study while we are still missing 2 idiots

will update on the situation, MIGHT forfeit if the deadline is really 7.30, because apparently some people have to contend with open house and loads of assignments over a tight schedule


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Idiots dint show up, I cant do anything, id be more than happy to play on time with you people. But i cant help it if these people are drunkards :\

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