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Found 402 results

  1. RiP_OFF

    Soldier looking for 6v6 team

    I play soldier on my old account for over 100 hours this is my new acc i am finding a team to play currently. Thanks
  2. Precious


    Contact Name:Precious http://steamcommunity.com/id/blzcoyoAU/ Aiming for Division: any Experience: 3500hrs- multiple owl (AU) seasons and plat ugc Classes: Scout Previous Clans: (AU) Juicy jumping jeeps Comrades Lost High rollers Availability: any Other Info: New to asiafortress
  3. HFMood

    LFT Main Roamer

    Information About Me: Name: HFMood Country: South East Asia,Indonesia,Java Main: Roamer 72 Hours Hours On TF 2: 900 Hours Mic: I Have One But Not The Best Language: English Play Time: I Dont Really Know But I Have More Play Time Than Other People Past Competitve Experience: Mixes Skill Level: IDK Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198120761958/\ Feel Free To Add Me Or Comment To Invite Me! My Voice Sound Horrible I Dont Even Like My Voice But Yeah.
  4. hideous

    lft scout/pocket

    hey. im looking for a team with ~1000 hours in game. I do pretty decent at scout and pocket, so yeah. I've only played around 4 pugs, but i'm willing to learn how to play. I get really low ping in Singapore, so I would prefer playing in that region. Feel free to add me here. also my voice is shit but whatever. -hid
  5. MorningLight

    Looking for a team

    Me and my friend are both looking for a team and i have 2388 hours and he has 1199 hours We are willing to join any team and we dont have any competitive experience my acc: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MorningSound his acc: http://steamcommunity.com/id/B4nnysSon
  6. I'm just new to this competetive thing,so can someone help me out finding a team?
  7. ivantan51

    Looking for a team

    1453 hours on tf2 highlander experience - engi - pyro - sub sniper - medic - demo
  8. ivantan51

    Looking for a team

    1453 hours on tf2 past 6s experience are -medic -roamer solly -sub demo looking for active team
  9. Phl4rie


    Looking for a team as main or sub, steel UGC. I'm free most of the time until the end of december and semi-active next year. I'm relatively experienced in comp with 350+ hours on soldier. The classes I'm able to play are Roamer, Pocket, Medic, Scout or Demo (still learning). Add me if you're interested. http://steamcommunity.com/id/FlarieHQ/
  10. pokemaster

    LFT AFC 11 div 3 medic

    Looking for a div 3 team in need of a medic for AFC 11 Communication: mumble Previous team: TechE AFC 10 participant knows map callouts, have all competitve maps downloaded, like to talk in mumble add me: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198113878950/ can play on afternoons and at night every day
  11. Scones

    Looking for a team

    i have over 2000 hours playing tf2 and have 170 hours on scout feel free to add me here if interested > http://steamcommunity.com/id/RealSc0nes/
  12. lolbapalol

    Anyone Recruiting?

    love to play as medic And he is my main I have 239 Hours of playtime I'm really interested having a team Links To add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Spoodsman Thanks! PS I can only speak English and Indonesia language
  13. .bean

    LFT soldier

    Hello Everyone! Looking for english speaking 6v6 team.Mainly im soldier roamer/pocket but also i can play as scout 240 hours on soldier. Add me on steam to discuss http://steamcommunity.com/id/bean4ever
  14. dribbler

    lft scout or med

    edit: im currently focusing on feeding logs in shana pugs. not lft anymore. Hello, I'm dribbler. I have stable ping when playing on sg servers and I play medic. I'm looking for MERC8 team as medic. I'm willing to play scout. I have no experience for playing on a team. Skill level: shana CANCER pugger, good at feeding log http://steamcommunity.com/id/-_-__ Feel free to add me for tryouts wait, do people even look at this?
  15. cruxio

    Div1-2 6s team

    I can play any classes but medic will be a little rust though haven't played since may this year. Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198094973482/ U can check my logs here: https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=http://logs.tf/profile/76561198094973482 Check the more older logs(matches with my old team) as the most current ones I'm mostly fooling around in shana.
  16. zysf

    lft - scout/roamer

    Hello, I'm looking for any team willing to take me in. I have no initial experience in competitive tf2 and I wouldn't say that I'm particularly adept at the game but I am extremely wiling to learn and can guarantee the team my 100%. I do understand the format of 6v6, uber ads, offclassing and the generals of 6v6 so I do hope that would be enough for anyone to hopefully give me a shot Cheers! Add me at : steamcommunity.com/id/zysf
  17. snazzy

    medic lft

    hi im australian but i want to find an english speaking team so i can meme another continent have played med for teams previously in au and na, played in prem over here and steel in america (lol) i will bring another good player named scandal he is a weeaboo i promise great things of myself and i love you all please add me /id/sniffingassholes
  18. yerba

    lft med/scout

    hello i'm an australian player with 3 seasons of ozfortress experience as demoman and 1 ugc 6s season experience of medic, ~200 hours on scout and 300 on medic i'm happy to core but i would prefer to sub im available pretty much always add me at http://steamcommunity.com/id/hipster42 cheers
  19. Both of just looking to get into the competitive scene to get some experience. We don't mind any team at all, regardless of the rank or it being new Please accept us!
  20. Hey guys. Looking for a solid team (dont know anything about competiv tf2 in asia, because lived in europe before). Can play at all class's exept scouts. My main class for a long time was a med call. About me: Has a huge exp. in tf2 on different lvl's. Was in div 2 europe. 3rd place of highlander UGC plat. league. Around 1900 hours in tf2. My profiles: etf2l ugc All questions here or, better, steam I am ready for srs gaming. If you dont have exp. or just a totally new team - we can try, but i dont like something like it. Have a good time~
  21. Crackdogrock

    LFT as sub preferably

    I have played in ugc highlander before, I would like to try out Asiafortress so I would like to participate as a sub preferably. I play scout, soldier, demo, spy, heavy, medic. You can find me here http://steamcommunity.com/id/GiannaGlow/
  22. KSc

    LFT as Sniper

    As title states, I am looking to join a highlander team In-game nick: KSc, KSenC A.K.A: Teddy, DeadShot Playing since: 2011 Time played: 1.6k hrs Best class: Sniper (Main), Scout (2nd), Soldier (3rd) Experience: None, I have never played competitive seriously before, but I did help sub in a few times as a sniper. Availability: Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. Reason: School (university), gotta study/ work on the other days, and I cannot guarantee availability on Fri-Sun as well due to tests/exams/presentations. Steam id: http://steamcommunity.com/id/KSenC/ Currently, I am active on fri-sun, playing on casual matchmaking (sometimes 6s comp as a scout/sniper/soldier). So I'll see you guys in TF2! ^^
  23. KingDBest

    LFT Scout/Demo/Medic

    Wanting to play alot for the team, can play on Friday and weekends, have 800 hours in game, put your steam profile below if interested.
  24. pokemaster

    lft medic div3

    Looking for a team in div 3 I am a medic main https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198113878950/ ^add me if ur intrested Know map callouts Main source of communication:mumble Can play eveyday afternoon and at night