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    I love electro. 2 months into AF. Lovin' it. School, studies and all.

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  1. Absolute

    Ultiduo Servers

    :C i was having fun with direct hit yesterday And thanks for the 1v1 bball <3
  2. Absolute

    Ultiduo Servers

    I found this off a teamfortress.tv thread . http://ge.tt/11OO6Ie/v/0?c Hope its helpful EDIT: The link to the thread is here http://teamfortress.tv/thread/7498/double-down--na-ultiduo-tournament/?page=1
  3. Absolute


    should hedwig even be here
  4. Absolute

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Hello DLH! I am also very new to the competitive scene, I also used to get raged by the veterans A LOT. There are indeed many short tempered veterans in the competitive scene, but if u really want to improve, i urge you to ignore them and keep the path in sight. (that was what shounic told me ) All the best!
  5. Absolute

    Top 5 TF2 bloopers - October & November 2013

    LOL I bet lemmings made an account for AF just to say hi to cyan here
  6. Absolute


  7. Absolute

    Best and worst players you've EVAAAAAAH seen.

    best scout kHz xee
  8. Absolute


    Thanks for da welcome :] won't be as active for now becuase sk00l :[
  9. Absolute


    Hello puggers of AFL. Some of you may know me as Absolute! But most of you guys don't :c. I have been playing pugs for quite a while, enjoying it! I sub scout for AVO too. I main scout and soldier, and also sniper. See you guys around!
  10. Absolute

    Ban Appeals

    Boko u need to have a link to your ban
  11. Hehehe hi guys. I'm VERY VERY new to this community, only about 2 months. However i have pugged in AF servers a long time back because i was getting bored of pubs and wanted a challenge. However the veterans just scolded me all the way and told me to !sub. Indeed i was discouraged to pug from then on, but i didnt hate the people who told me to sub out and be like screw this community, instead look for my own mistakes and see where i can improve to avoid being scolded again in the future. A few months later, im back. Playing pugs actively and not getting scolded that often anymore! This community is... great. Admins are really kind IMO. Although im still very bad, i have a lot of fun playing pugs and improving myself. P.S. Sakiisa iz gud m8.