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  1. Team Name(s)/Number(s): Team FFS Role (Player/Mentor/Backup/Backup Mentor): Mentor 1. Was the event overall a positive experience for you? Yes 2. What did you think of the event timing? (Too early/too late/too long?) Just nice 3. In what areas do you think we did right for the event? Good organizing and sorting of teams by the admin team to allow for balanced matches and not 5-0 rolls for the most part. Generally event was run pretty smoothly. Sufficient time to allow all matches to be played. 4. What are the things which could have been done better? Exercise some judgement when selecting people to be mentors. Some mentors shouldn't be mentors and should be mentees instead. 5. How much do you feel like you've improved after playing in the event? (Player/Backup) I'm the best, no improvement can be made #peakofhisclass How much do you feel the newcomers in your team have improved during the event? (Mentor/Backup Mentor). I hope we were not too critical of our mentees, though sometimes emotions tend to get the better of us. 6. How do you feel about the mentors/players who were assigned to your team? The players tried their best and did well for newbies but they have a lot of room for improvement, so they should keep playing more. 7. Any other suggestions/feedback? One event alone is definitely not enough to familiarize players with the basics of 6v6 competitive play and establishing a player base. Should have more mini events such as this one in future. (Asiafortress Academy)
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    My Goodbye

    byebye shounic! thanks for all the hard work you've put in for this community! come to mumble and talk shit with us soon!
  3. crab_patty

    LAN Appreciation

    Thanks everyone for the incredible turnout! It was really great getting to know the individuals of our community and finally being able to put a face to the players whom I normally play against online. Special shoutouts to Summer, Erio, Misfit for making this event happen, and Cal, mm and Saki for helping out with any technical issues. On a side note, some improvements to be done would probably include simulating a 6v6 scrim (sitting 12 players down and playing a scrim) to check for any server/PC related technical issues that may arise during the actual match. For example, I had severe hit registration issues that surfaced only when our team was playing our 3rd map (before that it was relatively tolerable), probably due to a server overload. The ctrl (crouch) and spacebar (jump) keys also couldn't be used simultaneously and even Saki couldn't identify the problem, so I just had to play with it as I didn't want to extend the preparation time when we were all already so behind schedule. These problems severely affected my gameplay, the former my aim/dmg output, the latter my movement. I'm sure I speak for most scout players when I say that I was honestly quite frustrated when my shots that were supposed to deal 80-102 dmg ended up as mere sparks bouncing off my opponent, only to have him kill me. The hitreg problems were eventually solved when it became apparent that more and more scout players were having this problem (during the coy vs sharkbait match map 2), but I still do feel this issue could have been addressed and dealt with even before the LAN. Nevertheless, it was a relatively well organised event and I had loads of fun spectating the super intense matches being played out!
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    AFLAN.SG Discussion

    Hi Misfit, will we be allowed to bring any of our own computer peripherals for the LAN? (such as keyboard, mouse, mousepad, monitor .etc) Thanks and great job organizing this LAN event! Hope it will be a resounding success!
  5. crab_patty

    URGENT: Poll for CU@LAN

    1) If more than the allocated no. of teams sign up, will there be any online preliminary matches to decide which teams get to go for the LAN and what format will they be held in? 2) Will there be prizes? If so, whats the distribution gonna be like?
  6. confirmed 27 July sat 10pm +9gmt
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    AFC7: Ticks

    1_1_FFS_crab_Lust_viaduct_pov.zip Tick 87046 Scout 4k.
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    AFC7: Teams and Divisions

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    Hi I'm Crab. Rate me!
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    6v6 Free Agent List 2013

    Name: Crab_patty Class: Main scout, sub roamer Country: Singapore Languages Spoken: English, Internet, Troll Available Playing Times: Depends on schedule, normally after 6-7 pm mon-sat, after 3 pm sun. Skill level: High Div 3, Low-Mid Div 2 Steam Community Page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/crabpatty101/ Other Information: Used to play competitive TF2 back in 2010 as main demoman, participated in AFC 3 div 2 (there was no div 3 back then), now looking to get back as a scout. Add me if you want more info