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  1. f104ty

    IMPORTANT: Changes in AF PUG Servers

    also are the spectators supposed to join mumble as well cos u know, how else do u ask for sub
  2. f104ty

    IMPORTANT: Changes in AF PUG Servers

    does this mean that if we verbally insult someone our tongues should be chopped off so we are banned from speaking?!11!!
  3. f104ty

    [AFMASH#2] Registration

    Name: floatfuk Steam Community Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/afloatingdonkey/ Preferred Class to Play: Solly/Demo Quantity of Swag: √-1 23 ∑ π
  4. f104ty

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Just some personal opinion There's a difference in being bad and being cancer. Being bad at the game = being bad at the game Being cancer = being bad at the game + have a shit attitude I remember few months back, you asked clover if he could play for your team. When he said no, you replied with something like "So do you think you're better than me?" Maybe you're not like this anymore, but seriously if you want respect the least you could do is not be so arrogant(especially cos you're new??)? Yes, sometimes people can be harsh when they try and help you. But why focus on the harsh words when there is something to learn from? I'm sure there's nobody out there who only insults you w/o giving any sort of advice throughout a 30 minutes round. Take this forum thread for example. Do you really think he's really trying to put you down by saying you didn't improve at all? Why focus on the "insults"? He mentioned "There's a point you just got to ask yourself "what the fuck am I doing wrong?!" I applaud your effort for taking each pug game seriously, but there's no point in 'serious' if you do not find out what the shit you are doing wrong and change that." There's a reason why people rage at you. What teddy means is that you should find out what you did wrong; why are they unhappy with me? And through that improve on what you did wrong. Maybe you would like the criticisms to be less harsh. But dude, this is the internet. There's no law saying that "you cannot insult others" or some shit like that. Basically, you can't do anything about it. So what I think you should do is: Don't argue back, Ignore the "insults"(if it really bothers you so much), and really focus on improving based on the advices people give you. I genuinely appreciate it when people raged at me when I first came to pug. Why? Without them I would still be at shit level. Now I'm at a pretty shit level, but still trying to improve. I don't mean any offence, hope you find this post useful in helping you understand what we're trying to say.
  5. Hello. I'm currently looking for a demo and a scout for my AFC8 Team: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GHOS74CARRY We're going for div 2 so if you think you're up for it do add me on steam and PM me. Tanx
  6. f104ty

    AFHL Mixes 2 Week #2 [18/1/2014]

    Name: Floaty Desired Class: Engineer Steam Profile URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/afloatingdonkey/ Voted Map: snakewater Volunteer Leader: No
  7. f104ty

    AFHL Mixes 2 Week #1 [10/1/2014]

    Name: floaty Desired class: sniper Steam profile URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/afloatingdonkey/ dun doubt me i got 4k at mid with bodyshots before ok??
  8. f104ty

    AFMASH - Feedback

    1. DID YOU HAVE FUN? yUs 2. What was the most enjoyable and worst part about the entire mash? getting 2 know my timmates :] mash is 2 long, i died halfway during pr0cess 3. What did you learn from our mentors? i learnt how 2 play the game 4. Do you think you improved as a player today? a l0t 5. What did you like / dislike about your team? Liked how the newbies were pretty balanced Disliked how rufus carried with his gay 500DPM >: 6. How can the mash format be improved? Shorter, and only allowing appropriate subs 7. Any vets/newbs that you’d like to shoutout to? my team :> Nominations: Best Mentor: rufus Best Team: Rage a lot Most OP subs Team: gay desmond Biggest Carry: rufus MVP of Your Team: rufus Best Player: Best Demo: Best Soldier: Best Scout: Best Medic: Best Map: Other Comments:
  9. f104ty

    AFCMASH - Sign-Ups

    Name: Floaty Class: Soldier Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/afloatingdonkey/
  10. Name: Floaty Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/afloatingdonkey/ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:46648353 Preferred Class (to play): Soldier
  11. f104ty

    6v6 Free Agent List 2013

    Name: FloatySpy Class: Soldier Country: Singapore Languages Spoken: English Available Playing Times: Weekend mornings mostly, weekday 5pm sometimes Skill Level: Idk, hopefully the link will help(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njSAVgYpI2o) Steam Community Page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/FloatySpy Other Info: My playstyle is normally roaming solly, and to jump in and sucide while killing the enemy(normally medics). Loadout is Stock RL, Gunboats, Market Gardener/Escape Plan.