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  1. makes me envision a 8min timer by the side of the screen that starts to count down every time you off class and stops when you switch back~ xD
  2. Teddybar.

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    And : remind me not to play in the server without whitelist lol (Voice) And: MEDIC! (Voice) And: MEDIC! (Voice) And: MEDIC! (TEAM) christmasbär. #VorzAMP Pure : GO RIGHT up (Voice) christmasbär. #VorzAMP Pure: MEDIC! (Voice) freyja: MEDIC! *DEAD*(TEAM) And : omg it's like treating a baby (Voice) c001k1d: MEDIC! Player not. has joined the game (Voice) christmasbär. #VorzAMP Pure: MEDIC! Player wacky has joined the game christmasbär. #VorzAMP Pure : nice uber (TEAM) c001k1d : he followed me in asiafortress.com -- PUGB leads PUGR 2:0 with 24:13 minutes remaining (TEAM) c001k1d : to resupply (Voice) freyja: MEDIC! (TEAM) c001k1d : lol (Voice) freyja: MEDIC! (Voice) freyja: MEDIC! (Voice) freyja: MEDIC! (Voice) freyja: MEDIC! (TEAM) k. : lol. i did ask who wanted to be med (Voice) freyja: MEDIC! Player Fanzone has joined the game (Voice) freyja: MEDIC! christmasbär. #VorzAMP Pure : (TEAM) k. : lol. i did ask who wanted to be med (TEAM) c001k1d : do you even know whats a pug? (ALL) And: it's call "rolling" *DEAD* christmasbär. #VorzAMP Pure : 5-0 is also called rolling c001k1d : LOL p. : wow Player Heal has joined the game p. : the tf2 scene is getting worst after 2 years of not playing (ALL) And: i thought pug is a dog or sth asiafortress.com -- PUGB leads PUGR 3:0 with 22:58 minutes remaining p. : even admin isnt being helpful christmasbär. #VorzAMP Pure : admins cant spoonfeed everything that moves c001k1d : wait c001k1d : since whenm were admins helpful p. : haha (Voice) sL.Suzy: Thanks! *DEAD*(TEAM) freyja : eh p. : i dont know how admins were selected but in my days they actually meant something. to help the community grow (Voice) freyja: MEDIC! *DEAD* christmasbär. #VorzAMP Pure : i dont get it, so admins teach them how to roll? *DEAD* christmasbär. #VorzAMP Pure : or how to play medic? (Voice) And: Thanks! (Voice) freyja: MEDIC! (Voice) freyja: MEDIC! *DEAD* christmasbär. #VorzAMP Pure : shouldnt they find out stuff like these before joining a pug sL.Suzy : can everyone stop typing? c001k1d : yeah c001k1d : how do they get the password c001k1d : without finding out all that stuff sq : its on the afl website i think p. : let me tell you *DEAD* christmasbär. #VorzAMP Pure : wow ok, tell us p. : i invited my friend here telling him "its really fun even though i havent played for 2 years" (ALL) And: idk, maybe i helped the hk scene grow by 2 teams lol? c001k1d : hes your friend? c001k1d : then isnt he your responsibility as well c001k1d : wtf p. : yes. we've got 2000 hours of tf2 in combined hours c001k1d : oh wow *DEAD*(TEAM) sL.Suzy : they dopped p. : we are eligble c001k1d : 2000? *DEAD* christmasbär. #VorzAMP Pure : so why didnt u tell your friend all the rules to playing.. you could have just as easily invited him to dustbowl or something (TEAM) sL.Suzy : dropped sq : cyra has 3k c001k1d : 2000 hours c001k1d : are you fucking kidding me p. : thats why hes admin and we arent c001k1d : thats like c001k1d : almost 100 days sq : guys chill and bring this to the forums (ALL) iridescentFUZZ-asiafortress.com: What sq said And : so as an admin i should raise your friend till div 1 lol?
  3. Teddybar.

    LOOKING FOR ANY "PRO" Per class :D

    Medic But I'll need a mic. and time. ha~
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    "Nyaa? What do you want from me?" I think you know what we all want~ <3
  5. sounds interesting. count me in
  6. Teddybar.

    End of the line trailer

    This is some cool shit
  7. Teddybar.

    The Given Task

  8. Teddybar.

    Public Troller xD

    SMB american accent siol~
  9. Teddybar.

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    Fucking mandingo bit had me laughing for a good 5 minutes. Django~~~~
  10. Teddybar.

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    10 ez steps for a newbie: 1. Read guides 2. Read more guides 3. Read even more guides 4. Watch gameplays 5. Watch more gameplays 6. Watch even more gameplays 7. Apply what you have read in game 8. Apply what you have watched and analysed in game 9. If you still get flamed, don't be defensive and try to understand why people are saying what they are saying 10. Improve and keep improving
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    After 11 pages, hope I have improved at least a bit new rate pls~ for the good or the bad~
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    Gran last spree~

    Song: Immersion - Omnia Album: Armin Van Buuren - A State Of Trance 622
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    LFT Scout/Soldier Div3/2

    Actually leaning towards getting the Rooth ls8+ after hearing it 2 weeks ago. Just that the turnaround time might be 2months+. Miracles have clarity, but to me lack a bit of bass and it's a little too cold. The jh13fp and jh16fp I would love, but Jaben jack up the price so much and I don't want to order directly from states. Originally wanted the Heir Audio 8a but lost interest after the wizard left.. You should test the ls8 and 8+ by Rooth. I think it's the best value for dollar without sacrificing quality. Edit: Probably heading down to Stereo tonight to test the Miracles again with the Virus from Toxic Cable~ people say it improves the bass + adds warmth without sacrificing clarity, but need to try it for myself
  14. Teddybar.

    LFT Scout/Soldier Div3/2

    In case you haven't noticed, it already hasn't been on topic midway through the first page. We've all seen our fair share of newbies joining and not knowing how to play the game whatsoever, saying they don't want to med.. playing like a pub.. not reading the rules.. and it just ruins the game for everyone. Well, not everyone exactly, since the newcomers don't exactly know what's going on. Somewhere along the way, they either stick it out and learn, improve, or they leave. Those making their way into the 'acceptance' phase, goodie for them. Those who don't, well, no one's gonna miss them. I don't know where you grew up in, but you gotta accept that nothing in life is fair. Take it with a pinch of salt, and don't gun me down
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    LFT Scout/Soldier Div3/2

    no moneh liaos :< saving for new ciem :3
  16. Teddybar.

    LFT Scout/Soldier Div3/2

    prefer black pepper and buttered crab more :3
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    personally not a sneakerhead; just sharing fun ways to pattern shoelaces xD
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    http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/ how to tie shoelace patterns and on how to tie shoelaces the right way
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    LFT Scout/Soldier Div3/2

    I've never seen anyone try so hard to be hated
  20. Teddybar.

    mentor plz

    what you need mentoring in? choosing the right hat to go with the right misc?
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    LFT Scout/Soldier Div3/2

    Hi, how's life? Play endif, it's fun.
  22. Teddybar.

    LFT Scout/Soldier Div3/2

    Try correcting the spelling of your own username.
  23. Teddybar.

    Main Demo/Pocket Looking for a Division 3-2 team

    epic-ly hilarious xDDD
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    in your honour