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    Regarding Majiami player sphere

    Why can't Choo Choo speak for himself?
  2. Teddybar.


    wasted another 10s replying to your message T_T
  3. Teddybar.

    Love 3 - The Final Sniper Frag Movie of the series =]

    Headshotted D:
  4. Teddybar.

    Possible ways for asiafortress to improve

    Yes, newcomers that don't read the rules and want 'respect'.. please.. just leave. If you're not here to improve, or just wanna treat AF as another of your pub hangouts, don't come back. Don't follow the rules, get banned. Simple and flawless. I love this system <3
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    A pug is basically 6v6 in a competitive format. Please kindly read the rules and guides of a pug before entering one (saves you the trouble of getting banned then appealing etcetc; saves you much rage from me) http://youtu.be/mLaPNbHQx0c
  6. Teddybar.

    LAN Appreciation

    Damn this Lan was hyped! Many good plays, and many good laughs~
  7. Teddybar.

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Wait... let me see if I get this right. You're suggesting that, in order to play high level games, we need to find other servers? Give AF up to the newcomers who want to practise? You want AF to become another OAG or lowyat pug? Same question to you, why do newbs who don't even know the basics of the game, want to play in AF pug when there are other 'newb' servers out there? You want respect, earn it. I know I'm always hard on newbs; I'm a keyboard raging warrior in-game. Some people in my friendlist aren't spared either. That's just the way I play. I'm a sadist, and I love it when people rage at me, or criticize me. Reason? Because at that point, in-game, I immediately know that someone else isn't liking or agreeing to what I was doing. Least I know what I did was, maybe, not justified, or wrong. I then try not to repeat it. It take so much more time to find out your own mistakes and do self correction - I am extremely grateful to all who have criticized me and helped my in-game growth. But now, you get people here who can't stomach rage. They want to feel welcomed. They want to be part of the 'community'. Just yesterday, I was in a game with some guy called Apex (I think). He was pocket, on badlands, and on mid, a scout came from shed and began shooting at our med. Our med died due to the combined efforts of -6dmg shots and demo spam. I was scouting on fwd mid, and I still heard the cries of our medic behind our train. I ran back, but died too. When I asked Apex, "don't you realise your med is getting shot at?", he replied "how I know, he never call out." I then went on to ask, "can't you see his health dropping, or hear the 'uh uh' sounds he was making?" He proceeded to answer, "you so good, can hear the 'uh uh' sounds, you go help la!" I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but to see the level of play getting worse and worse, just disappoints me deeply. The ignorance newbs have towards the game is painful to bear. I am by no means a vet as I only joined the pug scene 3-4 years ago. AF was a tough place that molded me into a better player. I feed off criticism. I'm not trying to justify my 'raging' here, but it was helluva lot harsher back then. Think 11 Teddies against you if you're new. Now.. hais.. I shake my head.
  8. Teddybar.

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Yes. I watch you fail at every single game I've ever been in with you. Yes. You are always on the bottom of the scoresheet. Yes. Just name one play you have been successful at. 6 months of pugging, and getting 7k 32d on viaduct as a scout pretty much sums everything up. 6 months of pugging, and your main improvement for medic is, dropping less. I call it as I see it, and I don't get how I need any 'rights' to criticize, being that it is indeed my own personal opinion, which you are, of course, welcomed to disagree. Pugging in the past, there used to be a certain level of competence required from you. You were expected to know your shit, and it's your own damn fault if you get shitted upon. People who wanted to get better, did. Those who decided that pugging isn't for them, left. This current breed of newcomers who talk about 'respect' and to be how they deserve to be treated better just disgusts me to no end. I asked you what the hell you were doing the whole round because round 1 ended in 5 minutes (which we won), and in that 5 minutes, not only did u get 0 kills, you got 0 points. I am *using my head to think right now* seriously wondering if all you are doing is just spawn, W, shootshootshoot or missmissmiss, die, repeat. If you could have answered "oh, I kept getting shutdown on the flank" or "oh, I kept dying when I tried to go in for a play", then, at least, I could at least try to advise you on what to do. Not replying just gives me the "f**k you all, I'm just here to do my shit and I don't care if we lose because I'm having fun" kind of attitude, which you see in abundance for many newcomers. You're not happy at people raging at you, do something dude. Watch your demos. Watch scrims. Watch videos with team comms. Do something, learn something. At the end of 6 months all you achieve is "I drop less ubers now". Seriously? Seriously?! I started off bad, and immediately knew that there was a lot going on that I didn't know. I asked people for advice; I made an effort to go into every game with the hope of achieving my personal set goals. I used to be shit at every class except medic. I still am pretty bad, but I'm trying to improve my positioning for different classes now. One thing I can be sure of - typing an essay trying to seek justice and the acceptance is never going to work. You are playing a game, and the only way to shut asses like me up, is to prove yourself in game. Until then, I will still continue raging since that's what I seem to do best. Cheers mate.
  9. Teddybar.

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Just to clarity, when you tried to 'flank' red, I remember our whole team has just died, with our med and someone else just respawning. You were the only person up front, and the opponent already had the point. Seeing that we will be pushing again once everyone has respawned, I asked you to go back, but you decided to rambo 1v5 on whatever flank play you did. Seriously, you have been playing for quite awhile and there is 0 improvement. There's a point you just got to ask yourself "what the fuck am I doing wrong?!" I applaud your effort for taking each pug game seriously, but there's no point in 'serious' if you do not find out what the shit you are doing wrong and change that. Just to shed some light onto the logs for that game: http://logs.tf/216013
  10. Teddybar.

    Ban system

    1. There is no glitch You already said you 'subbed' as medic. You weren't pick as medic through the rolling, so I don't understand why you think you can opt out. If I subbed someone as medic on the 29th min, do I get to opt out of medic the next round? 2. Roll faster You already pinpointed your slow rolling ability. You know you don't have spectate bound (I don't bind any key to spectate either). So is it that hard to bind a key to spectate? Do you need a tutorial on how to roll or bind a key? 3. Rage quitting as medic If there wasn't anyone else in the server, you might jolly well be wasting everyone's time. Why can't you just take the opportunity to learn to medic? You voluntarily subbed med the previous round, and when you get 'forced' to med, you rage quit? What kind of shitty attitude is that? Stay banned man wtf.
  11. Teddybar.

    Best and worst players you've EVAAAAAAH seen.

    wa so honoured~
  12. Teddybar.

    Best and worst players you've EVAAAAAAH seen.

    By definition, worst rager would mean the poorest quality, lousiest, furthest from an ideal standard rager. In any case, I REFUTE THAT; I AM THE BEST RAGER KNN &^%$@*!@$!$ Here's a thought. Instead of thinking about who's the best or who's the worst (seeing that you rate yourself worst in most classes), why not think of how you want to improve your game instead of being a burden. #teddyrage Considering that you have "really been thinking about this", I too am curious as to what's the point of this thread exactly, and what you want to achieve out of it.
  13. Teddybar.

    What songs do you listen to?

    Adding on to my list \m/
  14. Teddybar.

    gj guys

    remembered that game. after the 2nd round the medic was gone, and we were just defending 2nd on granary for the next 2 rounds without a medic, hence the weird classes. Rze subbed in during the 5th round and things went back to normal and we managed to get another 3 rounds off before the 30 mins
  15. Teddybar.

    What songs do you listen to?

    Clover, starting a poll for the 3 worst songs of all time?
  16. Teddybar.

    What songs do you listen to?

    oldies for me
  17. Teddybar.

    recommendations for less than $50 mouse >.<

    Thanks guys for all the suggestions, and to those who pm-ed me as well Wasn't able to find a newer G400 (too many buttons too!) and the Abyssus felt weird to me.. So I decided to up my budget by a little and got this After 15 years of gaming, finally got my first mouse that isn't free.
  18. Teddybar.

    recommendations for less than $50 mouse >.<

    so the old one is better than the new one? in the mean time...
  19. Teddybar.

    recommendations for less than $50 mouse >.<

    for real? xD
  20. Teddybar.

    recommendations for less than $50 mouse >.<

    thanks~ I'll check out the razer 1. 2nd person who recommended~ first time shopping for mouse, ever. lol
  21. Teddybar.

    recommendations for less than $50 mouse >.<

    yea man demo spam left click right click suddenly piaaakk, cracked and fell off
  22. Teddybar.

    spy-py-py-py-py-py-py spy scout

    just for laughs :3 dun ban me :|
  23. Teddybar.

    spy-py-py-py-py-py-py spy scout

    ahha this was played 1 day before the offclass thread came out :< and there was only 1min30s remaining at the start of the last round~ Edit: Feels like I'm digging my own grave by sharing this, but it's for laughs and enjoyment purposes for the community.. nevertheless, this is not something I constantly do~