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  1. lwcrulz

    MGE vs PUG/Scrim: Airshots and aiming in general

    Just keep playing.! For aiming try playing tr_walkway_rc2 non stop with your soldier (it will be boring.. especially if your not the type who likes to frag or can stand doing the same thing over and over again.. but just do it anyway) try aiming accurately 100% at their feet ALWAYS, learn to juggle the bots then air shot them If you like FLICKSHOOTING .. or wanna train it everytime you see a bot immediately and continously shoot at the bot which just spawned (rape that faka! ) , while trying to aim with 100% accuracy; at their feet! //Speed is a must here, while you focus on your accuracy) Once you think you are alright with tr_walkway play tr_rocket_shooting2 non-stop .. you will have to juggle the bots yourself. Its like in basketball, where you are doing an alley oop with yourself.. you throw the ball (juggle the player into the air), and then slamdunk (airshot tat madafaka) after awhile you will notice that airshotting is easy, those without strafe, the character models are quite big so u dont have to be so accurate to actually hit em air shotting is just shooting where the enemy will be. 2 things you need to know, 1) where the target will be? 2) where my shot will go? p.s. timing should be a natural, theres no need to think about it so you know which you are good at/ bad at and focus on that. maybe you know where your target will be, how he will fly in the air, the trajectory and shit. but you aint so good at knowing where your shots will go.. esp if you using default rocket launcher, if you shoot rockets at close to a wall, it will hit the at right side of your crosshair... so just keep playing and notice it.. ok if i stand this far, it will hit this right.. then if i stand over here.. it will hit this right... and over time everything will be in your mind.. that you dont have to think about it.. just shoot and you hit
  2. lwcrulz

    Am I mentally ill?

    since you are a solly... use mge to pick up good habits like > switching your weapons fast.. like if you wanna switch from rl to shotty, press "2" once the rocket is fired.
  3. counter jumping is good. It is like getting 1 free hit. You can not only counter jump, but also jump of buildings if you like too.
  4. lwcrulz


    spiky cactus aye?
  5. lwcrulz


    if it still doesnt work .. then
  6. lwcrulz


    I lost my phone number, can i have yours?
  7. lwcrulz


    Do you believe in love at first sight, or should i walk past you again
  8. lwcrulz

    Appreciation thread :D

    This thread is made for everyone and anyone to thank and show appreciation to all the Asiafortress admins These are the people who made it possible!! Giving us something to look forward to, when after school, we come home, and just hop on our computers to play maybe a HL mix or just some pugs. I'll start off by thanking those who helped me out xD QJ: Herp. qjyapyapyap thanks for helping me with some 6v6 stuff.. when i started with my new team.. and also with the Ready Steady Pan thingy.. and lots more.. also for being a noob xD Caldo: Derp. Thanks for chilling with me and helping me out? i kinda forgot just wanna thank you for being my first few friends... when i started pugging Nata: > thanks for helping me out with some technical problems.. also the new pug system looks just like those American/ Euro pros use, (makes me feel like a pro too) so kudos! Spammah: Hey spammah! man u got a sexy voice. but i aint thanking u for that!! thank you for helping and coaching my team on badlands and making our pocket much more BALLSY then before. Summer: Thank you for carrying my team that time on blands :] Teal: Thank you for helping me out for a few questions.. also for being a girl Fuzz: You helped me out on mix matches and also lots of other stuff i cant even remember, so thank you! ^___^
  9. lwcrulz

    AFC6 Demo-Call

    demos please
  10. lwcrulz

    erio please.

    thats my friend, right there
  11. lwcrulz

    Most improved new player of 2012

    Tyrane! think he improved a whole lot, and is really consistent at scouting
  12. lwcrulz

    Made a hud, need feedback and suggestions

    lolz no need la, just update when got big update can liao ... the guide thing also no need la, whoever needs help in making the hud, just ask you can alr.. im sure its just a few
  13. lwcrulz

    TF2 Weapon Draw

    Want to earn metals?? Pay 1 weapon, for a chance of getting 8 weapons!! Wow sounds like fun, how do i start?? For more details, join our steam group today!! Yay sounds like fun :| http://steamcommunit...groups/TF2WDraw For rules, http://tf2wdraw.ki-studio.net/ For help, can pm me, http://steamcommunity.com/id/lwcrulz or my boss K" http://steamcommunity.com/id/ajman825 thanks much loves
  14. lwcrulz

    Summer - AMA

    good thing he MIAed.. well you know they say every successful man has a woman behind, who's this woman? (no need to answer if dont want xD) any shoutouts to give?
  15. lwcrulz

    Summer - AMA

    LOL!! ok ill be there the PG tf2 people will be there right? Did you play or try to main any other classes before u played demo for realz? btw i didnt know ur demo was so scary until i saw u play some AFC6 match, i tot u were just a normal pugger.. always see u play scout