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    AsiaFortress Cup 11: Team Disqualification


    Banner by concor, write-up by vetia

    It has recently come to light that team International Justice League Of Super Acquaintances (JLOSA)  has been utilising smurf accounts from Division 2 in order to achieve an unfair advantage over their opponents (namely Team Technical Difficulties).

    95 "JLOSA.BoyBluee #afc11 #hype"
    14:27   75    0 
    active 116.100.242.xxx:27005

    105 "JLOSA. rouen ✿"
    14:27       87    0 
    active 120.29.117.xx:1131

    44 "teePUG"
    12:38       81    0 
    active 116.100.242.xxx:27005

    47 "acerPUG"
     07:13      112    0 
    active 120.29.117.xx:27005

    As demonstrated above, registered player 'Teehee' shares a similar IP to registered player 'BoyBluee', and registered player 'acervus' shares a similar IP to registered player 'rouen'; evidence of using multiple accounts to participate in competitions across divisions.

    As stated in 6D, smurfing and use of alternative accounts in multiple teams is against the rules, and warrants the disqualification of JLOSA from the competition. The match of TDI vs JLOSA shall be turned over, with JLOSA disqualified and TDI moved back into the lower bracket finals.

    The accounts of 'rouen' and 'BoyBluee' have been banned for the period of 1 season, and JLOSA's team leaders shall be suspended from captaining permanently, as well as banned for the period of 1 season.

    Furthermore, due to the dual participation of members, the team of The Mighty Gibuses has had its two players disqualified from the roster, with acervus and teehee banned for the period of 1 season. TMG shall continue to participate in Division 2 in the light of its members not being involved in the smurfing.

    In summary:
    JLOSA has been disqualified
    Team leader(s) of JLOSA suspended permanently from captaining + banned 1 season
    'rouen' and 'BoyBluee' banned 1 season
    'acervus' and 'teehee' banned 1 season
    TMG unaffected
    Match overturned for TDI

    The administrators would like to remind that all AsiaFortress Cup 11 Participants are subject to the rules, and must follow them in order to maintain the fun and fairness of the competition for all parties.

    Edited by Teejay

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    I sincerely apologize on the behalf of my team to the team we faced in the past and to the admins of asiafortress .We will obey the rules in the future time of tf2 competitive

    I will be ready to accept any consequences 

    Sorry to all members of asiafortress

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