• Shounic


    As many have noticed, this season of AsiaFortress Cup 9 matches have been posted to Saloon.tf even without the presence of casting. The relationship between AsiaFortress and Saloon is taken seriously, and as such we have to take action when someone violates Saloon.tf's rules and regulations. 
    On July 5th, the Round 2 Match between Cute Beast and Bali 9 was played on 8pm GMT+8. The Saloon.tf records indicated that the team leader of Bali 9 had bet in favor of Cute Beasts' victory and thus in violation of AsiaFortress' warnings to team leaders in division 1 in regards to betting on Saloon.tf and Saloon.tf's own rules.
    For this infraction, player Gooch is banned from the current tournament (AFC9) until playoffs which means that he is not allowed to participate in any league matches in the group stages. Further investigation indicated that Gooch was the only player who partook in this activity, as a result team Bali 9 will be allowed to finish the AFC9 Season and allowed to add players to their roster if they wish to do so.
    I would remind any Division 1 players to not bet on AsiaFortress Saloon.tf matches to avoid bans from the league.


    Team Placements:

    Division 1:

    Mihaly’s Flow
    Cute Beast
    Emi Dizziness
    Bali 9
    The Homely Hobos
    Team Magnificent

    Division 2:

    God Archers of Mainland
    Color Gayming
    Clinker Criminals
    Colon Three
    fuck jon snow

    Division 3:

    Hemaera Cutie
    The Feminmeninists
    Beyond Velocity
    Flying Arabians E-Sports
    Morning Glory

    Advanced Match Fixtures:
    Teams who wish to play matches in advanced can visit the Challonge brackets to organize a time to play vs a future opponent. To facilitate this, a list of maps to be played each week is located here.

    If the match thread for this match hasn’t been posted, it is the responsibility of both teams to keep records of logs and scores to be posted when match thread is available.

    Player Integrity:
    POV Demo uploads are still a requirement and to be uploaded to this website.

    Team Leaders:
    Team Leaders have been invited to join the afc9 illumniati which will be used for any information team leaders need to know. It can also be used to contact the tournament admin and communicate with other team leaders.