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    AsiaFortress Cup 11: Division 3 Roundup



    Banner by concor, write-up by iFun, vetted by vetia and moosepi



    AFC 11: Division 3 Roundup




    Welcome to the jungle, where some animals have developed opposing thumbs to fend off attackers, and others use their teeth to shred their prey to pieces. This savage arena holds the hopefuls of the next generation, and AFC11 is here to throw them all into the blender and let the cream settle at the top. So which teams have the ability to trample upon the faces of their opponents, climbing that blood-stained stairway of bodies to the top? Which teams have the dumbest, working strategies and strongest Division 3 gimmicks?

    Here at the AsiaFortress writing panel, we believe in quality and efficiency. We also believe it would be insanity to try and cover all 15 teams that will slaughter one another for an internet medal. Besides, Division 3 is always a toss up, and any number of upsets could happen along the way. In light of that, here are our four writeup picks for your enjoyment; may they satisfy your thirst for useless previews!


    The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances
    Are they superheroes? Villains? Who actually cares about that in Division 3? What matters is that IJLSA has history coming into this season of AsiaFortress, with ex-TMG and ex-MJM players Bee and CabbageOfLove (respectively) bringing a key advantage of experience to the team. But every hero and/or villain has his Achilles Heel, and IJLSA is no exception. With the rest of the roster being a mishmash of adepts and unproven blood, it falls to the battleground to see if the team can sustain cohesion and find victory against naysayers everywhere!

    CTZ boasts many promising players like Pronessf, Nameloc and Habib; certainly a roster of puggers that would make any newcomers nervous. With an aggressive playstyle channeled from the blind, deathmatch heavy PUGs they arose from, CTZ could potentially break the competition on pure bloodlust alone. However, this form of playstyle is a double-edged sword and a slippery slope rolled into one. While this tenacity is perfect against weaker, inexperienced teams, stronger and more coordinated ones will be able to pick them off easily; and without an intelligent maincaller to turn sour situations around, CTZ will have to either commit to their brainless style entirely, or attempt to grow one before being dropped from the competition.

    Technical Difficulties
    If anything can be said about Technical Difficulties, it’s that they understand the value of hard work. Formed from the remnants of the once celebrated Hoomanitee, the team holds gems in its roster like Dmnator, Ledraj, and Ecl1ps3; all players capable of catapulting their team to victory. However, any team has its doubters, and TDI will have to sort through its bugs and glitches before release if they want to have any hope of taking the championship from teams with DM ability behind them. It’s a solid team overall, and even this early on, they're already demonstrating that they’re not to be underestimated by any means. But will that be enough to impress audiences when the deadline hits, or will they be another technical failure in the production process?

    Khairul’s Legacy Reborn
    Oozing with deathmatch proficiency and boasting a fundamental mastery of the game's’ tactical nuances, KLR seems set to take the podium of 1st place by storm, with players like Smeski and Adelante prepared to carry them on their backs. It’s definitely predicted to be one of the tactically superior teams in the division, and it's an anomaly that confuses competitors and spectators alike; who even obtains gamesense before they enter Division 2? KLR have the aim and the brain (really, that’s all you need in life), and so they seem bound for that championship title. But fear not; remember that Achilles Heel? One member of KLR believes that if their team came against scouts out of their calibre, momentum would take a back seat and pandemonium would ensue.


    Now you possess a knowledge of the jungle’s strongest inhabitants. With all that reading done, it’s finally time to sit back and watch the bloodbath unfold. Or, if you’re a participant in this hellhole who wants to know what he (or she) is getting into, there are no words that can describe this proving ground beside these: evolve or die...

    Good luck to all the teams!
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