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AFC11 Cast Requests

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AsiaFortress Cup 11 Cast Requests

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This thread is for casters requesting permission to cast an AFC 11 match.

Casts that have not been approved by AsiaFortress Administrators are not permitted. You are advised to post in this thread as early as possible.

In the event you need urgent permission to cast a match, you may contact the respective Division Administrators.

Follow the format below to request permission:

Match Week:
Cast Team Name (if any):
Stream Link:
Teams being casted: <Team 1> vs <Team 2>, <Team 3> vs <Team 4>, etc.Remarks (if any):
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Match Week:

  • Key: Opening Div 1 match, 3rd placing matches, semi finals, grand finals
  • Others: Depending on availability

Cast Team Name (if any): -

Stream Linkhttp://twitch.tv/rednaxelawee

Casters: Myself with an analyst or a collaboration with CappingTV depending on our schedules :)

Teams being casted: Hopefully all, once again depending on schedule
Remarks (if any): -

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