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  1. Яednaxela

    Div 2 Lower Bracket Finals

    - Technology Eclipse VS The Mighty Gibuses - 9pm GMT+8 Maps: Process > Gullywash > Badlands (tie-breaker) It's the finals for the division 2 lower bracket. Who will claw their way back up to face off against The Chess Foundation next week? Who will have to settle for a bronze medal? Streamed live here Casters: Alex & Vetia
  2. Яednaxela

    AFC11 Cast Requests

    Show match, using old resources with new afc banner because i'm lazy like that
  3. Яednaxela

    AFC 10

  4. Яednaxela

    AFC11 Cast Requests

    Match Week: Key: Opening Div 1 match, 3rd placing matches, semi finals, grand finals Others: Depending on availability Cast Team Name (if any): - Stream Link: http://twitch.tv/rednaxelawee Casters: Myself with an analyst or a collaboration with CappingTV depending on our schedules Teams being casted: Hopefully all, once again depending on schedule Remarks (if any): -
  5. Яednaxela

    AFC 10 Cast Requests

    brg against tmg tonight, HYPE 2230 GMT+8 i believe
  6. Яednaxela

    AFC 10 Cast Requests

    4stroderp covering TMG against MJM at 930pm GMT+8
  7. Яednaxela

    AFC 10 Cast Requests

    [Fruit Salad] against [Wine and Cheese] 9pm GMT+8 no fancy poster because i'm a little lazy now
  8. Яednaxela

    AFC 10 Cast Requests

    i will not be able to cast otmorrow but i will be hosting 4strodderp who will do coverage for the BRG against TechE match for the division 3 lower brackets
  9. Яednaxela

    AFC 10 Cast Requests

    didn't have time to make a fancy banner.. cast LIVE NAO LFT OW against Wine and Cheese followed by BRG against TMG @ 2230 GMT+8
  10. Яednaxela

    AFC 10 Cast Requests

    Updated as at 17/09/2016
  11. Яednaxela

    AFC 10 Cast Requests

    As at 09/09/2016, 1846
  12. Яednaxela

    AFC 10 Cast Requests

    updated as at 04/09/2016 Due to irl commitments, there will not be a cast tonight(04/09/2016).. II'll see you guys next week for the week 7 matches
  13. Яednaxela

    AFC 10 Cast Requests

    current confirmed casts:
  14. Яednaxela

    AFC 10 Cast Requests

    Week 2 confirmed casts