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Spiky Cactus

Democall for community frag movie

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herro I am not spicky Hello if you am have a good demo of a cool clip/frag/killstreak yolo swag jesus 420 in pug/scrim/match you can giveing to me, contact me via steam (id/spikycactus) or send me a message on this website. luk at signatuer four furder detials.

Describe frags, class, amount of frags, map, and if you choose to give me the demo (upload to somewhere like mediafire or dropbox) please provide the tick. I'm not going to go through 30 minutes worth of demo gameplay to find your killstreak :V


Paragraph of convincing:

Think about the glory! Having your ultra c00l frags along with your friendzeses's shown on teh interwebz with free editing! (only 99 easy payments of $99.9, actually)


thx guise

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I tried watching some of my demos but they don't seem to work? Guess update broke most of them..


Will check if i have recent ones

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