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PUG servers feedback

Which captain gets 1st pick  

42 members have voted

  1. 1. How should we decide which captain gets 1st pick?

    • Random (as it is now)
    • Rock/Paper/Scissors
    • Number Guessing
  2. 2. Penalty for false rolling start

    • Additional x second delay for false start
    • Instant captain for false start
    • Don't do it, i cheat by spamming spec key

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Wonder, if this is mid-air mod style Turris. Must see.


Is this arena in the current mge mod? cause i cant find it.


Also, there is a spawn bug in the process arena. Me and another guy kept getting stuck for a moment on the roof beside the entrance to mid from map room. Minor bug but still quite annoying.

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i've got reports of crahes on the pug servers. i'll need the exact time and server that the crash happened. more details = merrier. thanks!

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