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  1. In all honesty, i feel that the compulsory mumble in designated pug channels is a step forward towards raising the level (albeit slowly)of play in pugs. It promotes a more fluid team communication which in turn leads to better(most of the time) teamwork between players. Typing in team chat will always have a delay time. Also as Caldoran has mentioned before, new players will be able to socialise with the older players and also learn how to call, what the different part of the maps are called and etc. So good job admins. Disabling the text chat during live pugs is justifiable. It'll certainly stop people from being keyboard warriors. Players that wants their slot back can just ask for their slot back in mumble since mumble is compulsory. The only thing that im not entirely sure about is whether you can still !sub if the text chat is disabled. If this is still possible, then it's fine. Disabling the text chat isnt the best idea but you cant have the perfect solution which will please everyone and solve every problem. As to everyone that is in some way talking about verbal abuse through text chat and now mumble, there'll always be verbal abuse. It can be reduced but not prevented. Not everyone is a nice person. Grow a thick skin and take the verbal abuse with a grain of salt. TL;DR I got nothing better to do at 5 in the morning so I came here and saw this article and gave my opinion about it.
  2. Bob

    What's with the new logo

    I was bored a while back and went onto this site just to see what was goin on in the community. The new site looks very nice and simple overall but i thought that the logo could have been much better, no offense to the guy who made it. Personally i thought that the previous logo was good enough although it was really simple. This is just my two cents
  3. siol smbeetch in cevo play offs
  4. Bob

    I'm sorry Spammah!

    fuuuuuh hahaha drama
  5. Just in case you didnt know, Broesel finally updated his hud. Here's the dl link http://sourceforge.net/projects/broeselhud/files/ tftv link: http://teamfortress.tv/thread/17044/broeselhud-is-back-with-version-2-8 Also,http://teamfortress.tv/thread/16994/transparent-viewmodels-concept/?page=1#27 The custom viewmodels are just vtf images so they wont have any shooting or reloading animations. They're used through the hudachievementtracker or classmodelpanel. Custom vtfs in replay/thumbnails are allowed in-game as tf2 doesnt check this folder for any sv_pure blacklisted items. But you can only switch between two images for all 9 classes though.
  6. Bob


    xoom cant play properly cos his fifty inch penis too deep in his ass. AUNTIE HEDWIG WAN ADOPT SIAAA Anyway, if u dont get what spammah hisap konek is trying to say, he's saying that alot of players look at the floor when they could've been looking straight ahead. If u had time to flick upwards to shoot your scatter, the other guy could've shot once already. So might as well look up and not at your penis.
  7. Bob

    Post AFLAN.SG Thread

    walaoo my casting hud, sponsors overlay and match points overlay D: homely hobos upsetting ffs 2-1 was amazing
  8. Bob

    LAN Appreciation

    woohooo. It was fun! Thanks to all the organisers who made AFLAN happen! 10/10 would come again if there's another one in the future
  9. Bob

    Configuration & HUD

    im uploading the casting hud tgt in the same zip with my custom and cfg
  10. sunday 8pm confirmed. I love u nerds
  11. 15th march Saturday 8pm,9pm? af sg servers
  12. Bob

    I too want to predict the future!

    Astronerd got rekt
  13. Im sort of the dude that's doing the hud for lan. Basically what AdvSpec does is it allows players to have a glow outline ard them for casters and spectators to see players thru walls and also enables medic's ubercharge to be compared side by side and the difference in % between them e.g What I want to do is make this medic info fit nicely in the rest of my hud so that everything looks clean and in place like in tftv's own hud for example. Im not good at this coding stuff so I need some help! Here's the source code: https://github.com/MattMcNam/advspec