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Found 2 results

  1. natapon

    mercenaries cup unlocks

    The following unlocks are allowed for the 4th iteration of mercenaries cup Blutsauger Crusaders Crossbow Kritzkrieg Ubersaw Amputator Pain Train Gunboats Equalizer Escape Plan Boston Basher Jarate Weapon Reskins
  2. natapon

    mercenaries cup rules

    Table of Contents (i) Summary of Changes 1. Tournament Format 1A. Fixtures 1B. Ranking 1C. Key Dates 2. Teams 2A. Joining 2B. Roster 2C. Captain 2D. New Player Additions 2E. Player Transfers 2F. Transfer Widows 2G. Roster Lock 2H. Disbanding 3. Scheduling 3A. Round Schedule 3B. Acceptable Match Times 3C. Negotiating Match Times 3D. Rescheduling 3E. Forfeits 3F. Technical Forfeits 3G. Map Selection 4. Matches 4A. Pre-Match Responsibilities 4B. Minimum Number of Eligible Players 4C. Mercenaries (Regarding Teams) 4CA. Mercenaries (Regarding Mercenary) 4D. Demo Recording 4E. Spectators 4F. Sportsmanship 4G. Class Restrictions 4H. Critical Hits, Damage Spread and Weapon Unlocks 4I. Maps 4IA. Mirrored Maps 4IB. KOTH Maps 4IC. Draws and Golden Cap 4J. Pausing in Game 4K. Post-Match Responsibilities 4L. In-Game Penalties 4M. Disputing a Match 5. Servers 5A. Server Configuration 5B. Acceptable Servers 5C. Foreign Teams 6. Cheating, Exploits and Bans 6A. Exploits 6B. Third Party Software 6C. Malicious Server Administration 6D. Steam Account Sharing 6E. Asiafortress Forum Bans (i) Summary of Changes The Mercenaries Cup ruleset contains changes that teams are required to be familiar with. If clarification is required on any section, contact a Mercenaries Cup Administrator. Ignorance of the rules will not be taken into consideration if a breach has occurred. Key Changes: We have made some notable changes the unlocks list. Click here to view allowed unlocks. Servers must be running the latest Mercenaries Cup 4 configs and whitelist to be considered eligible to host matches. Key admins still have the power to veto any rule should the need arise. [back To Top] 1. Tournament Format 1A. Fixtures Regular season match fixtures will be posted prior to the start of the season. Fixtures are set at weekly intervals to be played between Sunday and Thursday. Match organisation/discussion threads will be posted roughly two weeks prior to that round's fixtures. [back To Top] 1B. Ranking The format of the tournament is double elimination. Matches are a best of 3 maps. [back To Top] 1C. Key Dates Click here for mercenaries cup 4 key dates [back To Top] 2. Teams 2A. Joining Teams apply pre-tournament to enter the tournament. A minimum of six eligible players (refer to section 2B) are required for the application to be considered. [back To Top] 2B. Roster To be eligible to participate: Player must be listed on the teams roster thread (can be accessed here.). Players must use a name similar to their asiafortress account name or must match their alias, which can be entered via their roster. Players must have a valid Steam ID set in their user profile (Set your Steam ID here). Players must not be under any exclusion penalties (such as cheating or disbanding). Players and teams CAN BE registered for the afl (asiafortress ladder). [back To Top] 2C. Captain One player from each team must be nominated to act as a captain to represent the team in organising matches and liaising with Mercenaries Cup 4 Administrators. [back To Top] 2D. Transfer Windows There are no transfer windows for this tournament. [back To Top] 2E. Roster Lock Rosters will be locked once registration ends. Rosters will be locked for the entire duration of the tournament. [back To Top] 2F. Disbanding Teams who disband during the tournament may be denied entry to future tournaments. The captain of a disbanded team will not be permitted to lead another team in an asiafortress League. Where responsibility for an imminent disband is the sole fault of the captain, a simple majority of registered team members may elect to nominate a new captain, or remove the captain entirely, at any point of the season. The team at large will then remain unpenalised. To avoid penalty, captains and/or team members should approach League Administrators at the first sign of trouble to work through a solution. [back To Top] 3. Scheduling 3A. Round Schedule Mercenaries schedules fixtures every week, and all match fixtures will be posted pre-season. Match discussion threads will be posted in the match discussion forum approximately 1 week before the upcoming round, for teams to negotiate a suitable day and time for their match. The weekly round fixtures must then be played between the specified Sunday and Thursday of the fixtures schedule. [back To Top] 3B. Acceptable Match Times Generally acceptable match start times for Mercenaries Cup 4 matches are as follows: Greenwich Mean Time +8(GMT): 7:30pm to 10:30pm These times are only general guidelines and teams are given all flexibility in finding mutually beneficial arrangements. However, where two teams are unable to agree on a time, an Administrator will set a match date and time using the above guideline. [back To Top] 3C. Negotiating Match Times Once the match schedule for the round has been posted, teams can begin negotiating with each other to arrange a time and date for their match. It is important to note that only the Clan Leader's can organise the match (as indicated on their team roster). Non Clan Leaders who put forward proposed Times and Days, joking or serious, will be punished. There are two ways this can be done: Teams can make contact with each other through the Asiafortress League Captains Steam Community Group or over other mediums such as IRC if that is more convenient to organise their matches, but the arranged date & time must be posted in the match discussion thread. The lower ranked team is to initially propose (in the match discussion thread) three acceptable (see rule 3A/3B) time & dates for the match and also mention if they are able to organise an acceptable server (see rule 5B) for them. The higher ranked team must then reply and either accept one of the proposed dates or, if none are acceptable, propose three new dates and if they are able to organise a server for them. Repeat if needed until an agreement on the date and time is reached. If it is proving difficult to get in contact with the other team or they are not making a reasonable effort to organise the match with you, please bring it to the attention of your division's Administrator immediately. Once teams have agreed to a date and time, the consent of both teams is required to organise a new date & time. All match details must be finalised in the match thread by 11:59pm on the Thursday prior to the round commencing. This includes the map selections (see3G below). Failure to do so without valid reason will see both teams penalised 1 match point. [back To Top] 3D. Rescheduling If for whatever reason a match cannot be played within the time frame outlined in rule 3A/3B, hey are required to contact a Mercenaries Cup 4 Administrator as soon as possible for approval. [back To Top] 3E. Forfeits A maximum of one forfeit is permitted in the Mercenaries Cup 4, on the second forfeit a team is eliminated from the tournament. Exclusion penalties may then apply for future asiafortress participation. It is the team's responsibility to contact a Mercenaries Cup 4 Administrator as soon as possible if there is a change in circumstances that will affect your team's ability to field a team each round. When a forfeit is recorded the team they were scheduled to play will be awarded a default win unless both teams forfeited. [back To Top] 3F. Technical Forfeits A technical forfeit will be awarded in the following circumstances: Technical problems (e.g. Steam connectivity issues) prevent the match being played at the arranged time and the match cannot be rescheduled to a later date within the acceptable time frame outlined in rule 3A/3B. Server/Network problems render the server unplayable and an alternative server cannot be found nor match rescheduled to a later date within the acceptable time frame outlined in rule 3A/3B. A new update is released which alters gameplay of a map significantly during the round which it is scheduled. In the case of a technical forfeit being awarded, teams will have to reschedule the match with a Mercenaries Cup 4 Administrator. Technical forfeits, unlike regular forfeits explained in rule 3E, do not count against a team. [back To Top] 3G. Map Selection In each match thread, the home and away team will be specified as well as the map pool for that round. Maps are fixed for each round. [back To Top] 4. Matches 4A. Pre-match Responsibilities The home team has the responsibility of organising the server should set up the server for the match with the required settings outlined in rule section 5. Once the server is ready, contact the other team via the prior agreed method during the match time negotiation and give them the appropriate server details. Both teams should be in the server and ready to start the match no later than 15 minutes after the agreed match start time. [back To Top] 4B. Minimum Number of Eligible Players Teams must have a minimum of five rostered (i.e. does not include any mercenaries) players ready to start or continue a match. [back To Top] 4C. Mercenaries (Regarding Teams) A maximum of one mercenary may be used during a non-grand-final round, and an unlimited number mercenaries per tournament. No mercenaries are permitted during the grand-finals. A mercenary can be used without the permission of the other team if they are a member of a team in the tournament. The following guidelines apply: It is clearly and honestly communicated to the other team who the mercenary is and why they are being used. A mercenary cannot be used in place of an available eligible player. The mercenary must be named when reporting or confirming results in the match thread. [back To Top] 4CA. Mercenaries (Regarding Mercenary) A mercenary may only play once for each team during the season. [back To Top] 4D. Demo Recording It is the home team's responsibility to arrange for a recording STV to be present for their match. If one cannot be arranged or the STV does not record, one player from the home team MUST be able to provide a POV demo (we recommend using P-REC). Demos must be uploaded and published no later than 1 week after the match date. Screen-shots of in-game scoreboard must be taken Any team not submitting either an STV or POV demo within 1 week of the match will be penalised 1 Match point. (Teams new to AFC may receive 1 warning before penalties will arise) All players must be able to provide a POV demo should a dispute arise. Failure to do so may result in penalties. [back To Top] 4E. Spectators Under no circumstances are spectators allowed in a game with the exception of ShoutCasters and League Administrators (unless they are members of either team). A team with more than 6 players in a server will be disqualified. [back To Top] 4F. Sportsmanship Teams participating are required to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner both in the match thread and in the actual game. Global chat during live rounds is restricted to only captains or designated representatives for team management. Any other mm1 use by other team members is prohibited. Point deductions will occur for teams who breach this rule. Decisions made by administrators regarding these disputes are considered final. [back To Top] 4G. Class Restrictions The following class restrictions apply in Mercenaries Cup 4 1 Medic 1 Demoman 1 Heavy 1 Engineer 1 Spy 2 Scouts 2 Snipers 2 Soldiers 2 Pyros These must be enforced using the 'tf_tournament_classlimit_X' commands. The full listing of these can be found in rule 5A. [back To Top] 4H. Critical Hits, Damage Spread and Weapon Unlocks CriticalHits: Off Damage Spread: Off For a complete list for what unlocks are allowed click here [back To Top] 4I. Map Pools Click here to view the current map pools for Mercenaries Cup 4. [back To Top] 4IA. Mirrored Maps First to win difference of five or 30 minutes. [back To Top] 4IB. KOTH Maps Best of 7 Rounds / First to 4 round wins. No time limit. [back To Top] 4IC. Draws and Golden Cap Map draws in Mercenaries Cup 4 are not allowed. In the event of a map draw at the completion of regular time, a 10 minute Golden Cap round will be played where a winning cap or ownership of the middle cap point at the end of the 10 minutes will determine the winner of the map. A match winner is determined by the best of 3 maps. [back To Top] 4J. Pausing in Game Pausing during a match will now be allowed where players clearly exhibit (technological) performance issues. As a guideline, the pause should not last longer than five minutes before teams attempt to find a replacement. Both teams must give the all clear to un-pause. Excessive use of this function or use for inappropriate matters will be heavily punished. Reporting such inappropriate use should be done as a dispute to a match upon which the League Administrators will make a ruling. [back To Top] 4K. Post-Match Responsibilities Both teams must reply to the match discussion thread with the results of both maps within three hours of the match ending. Screenshots of each map must be attached to the thread. Teams must clearly state who the winner of each map was and by what margins Example: cp_granary: 4-1 execute crew cp_badlands: 3-4(golden cap) dizziness koth_pro_viaduct_rc3 4-3 execute crew If a team has used a mercenary, they must post the mercenaries name in the same post which reports the outcome of the match. If only one team submits results, then they will be accepted without verification, so make sure you either confirm the posted results or challenge them if they are incorrect. In the case of neither team submitting results, a forfeit will be recorded against both teams. A link to the mediacentral page the demo was uploaded to (Read: Section 4D) should be provided in the match thread. [back To Top] 4L. In-Game Penalties Misconduct, including use of mm1, by any members of a team other then the team captain or designated representative for team management will be actively enforced in Mercenaries Cup 4. Teams found breaching unacceptable behavior or caught intentionally breaking any mc4 rules during live matches will face collective penalties as outlined below. The severity of a breach will be handled case by case. The following guidlines apply: First minor team offence: warning Second team offence: disqualification Gross misconduct or cheating: Removal from current and potentially future afc competitions Teams with offending players under probation, see rule 6e, will not be afforded a first-offence warning. [back To Top] 4M. Disputing a Match To lodge a dispute or report misconduct, please contact your division's assigned League Administrator. [back To Top] 5. Servers 5A. Server Configuration Instructions on how to download & install Mercenaries Cup 4 configs can be found here. [back To Top] 5B. Acceptable Servers To be regarded as acceptable, servers must: Be physically located in Asia, unless the match is between two New Zealand or two Australian based teams. Have the Mercenaries Cup 4 configs & whitelist installed and be running on sv_pure 2. Admins reserve the right to choose which server a match will be played on. If teams cannot agree on a server, an official asiafortress server must be arranged by contacting an Mercenaries Cup 4 Administrator. If the asiafortress servers are unavailable, gamersun will be the next server to default to. If you require a SourceTV relay, please try to provide us as much notice as possible. For retrieving the automatically recorded SourceTV demos of your match, please following the instructions in this page for asiafortress pug servers or this thread for gamersunited ozfortress bookables. JOIN #OZF-HELP TO BOOK A SERVER [back To Top] 5C. Foreign Teams Any match pitting a foreign team against a local team must use an alternative Asian server, if one is available, that provides a fairer playing field. This server must also meet the acceptable server criteria outlined in rule 5B. It is the foreign team's responsibility to bring this to the attention of the local team when negotiating the match details and book or organise the server in advance. However, if an agreement can not be reached, the match will be played on an asiafortress server. [back To Top] 6. Cheating, Exploits and Bans 6A. Exploits Exploiting game or map bugs or flaws for an unfair advantage, whether they are listed in the rules or not is prohibited. The following is an incomplete list of known unfixed exploits: Exploiting flaws in map design to enter areas that put you underneath or above the map. Building Sentry Guns, Dispensers or Teleporters in indestructable areas. Shooting through gates or walls during the setup phase. Using any map entities to reach areas that cannot be mirrored by the other team in the same situation Using scripts, macros or key combinations that allow you to bypass movement restrictions (e.g. the "Mega Jump" exploit). Any other script which is deemed disruptive to hitboxes or gameplay. Medics changing hat/items/weapons in spawn to back spawn and preserve uber percent. If you are unsure if something is considered an exploit, please contact a Mercenaries Cup 4 Administrator and request a ruling be made on it. [back To Top] 6B. Third Party Software The use of any third-party addons, hooks, programs or wrappers that interact with or alter the Team Fortress 2 client, its appearance or behaviour for the purposes of gaining an unfair advantage are banned. [back To Top] 6C. Malicious Server Administration The use of any server commands, variables or plugins for the purposes of gaining an unfair advantage or to interfere with an Mercenaries Cup 4 match is prohibited. Once the match is underway, the server administrator must let the match run its course and not make any changes without the consent of both teams. [back To Top] 6D. Steam Account Sharing A Steam account may only be used by its owner in any Mercenaries Cup 4 match. Sharing your login details with a third party for use in an Mercenaries Cup 4 match is strictly prohibited and if found out will result in lengthy bans for all involved parties. [back To Top] 6E. Asiafortress Forum Bans Members who are banned on the asiafortress website are also banned from leading clans in Mercenaries Cup 4. Players banned from the asiafortress website may also be subject to competition bans, and are considered under probation; see Rule 4L. Please read the infraction information thread for more information. Bans issued that affect a players ability to play will be listed here. Please contact your division's administrator for further clarification. [back To Top]