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    There are servers 1-3 but access to them is restricted via a whitelist. Read more about it here
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    Someone give this man an award
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    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Give up the AF servers for new-comers? What? There's a server(aka #0) with a very strict whitelist that is specifically for well-organised PuGs with comms and a certain standard of play. If you want an invite to the invite group, talk to an admin. Arjun has a point. If everyone complaining in here about new players ruining all the fun is too lazy to go and get enough people into #0 for a good game, they deserve to have their blood pressure hit the roof from their uncontrollable rage. If all people want to do is stack teams and roll newbies in non-invite servers, they deserve to have their "fun" ruined by the newbies that will potentially be on their team. tl;dr - Stop whining and go organise your own damn "good games"; we've had this server provision up for ages but no one thinks to use it. Because of the status quo. It worked for HK, because it has been enforced right since the beginning for their AF servers. The Singapore servers have been running for years now with barely any mumble regulations, and people are used to it being that way. Convince more than a mere handful of people to accept consistent mumble usage for PuGs and then we can think about enforcing it.
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    Unable to connect to the Mumble server

    Our new mumble is up at pug.asiafortresss.com port 64778.
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    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Since it looks like I have to spell it out for you bio, allow me to ask; do you even analogue? The game's "stages" have absolutely nothing to do with your arbitrary "stages" of slavery. A new pug player wants a community where they can play and improve without receiving UNNECESSARY vitriol. A community where said player feels a sense of belonging. A slave wants basic human dignity, respect, rights and remuneration for their service in their daily life. A life they feel is worth living. In this analogy, telling a newer player to deal with it or quit is like telling a slave to deal with the injustices dealt to him/her or quit living.
  7. iridescentFUZZ

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    Except in the analogy of slavery, the equivalent of "don't join the server" is not living. Good interpretation. I find it hard to take seriously, people who allow their happiness, satisfaction and personal growth to be hinged on other people's performance.
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    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    So because a hundred years ago slavery was prevalent, accepted, widely believed to be "the way things were supposed to be" and many slaves had to "deal with it", it's ok for me to go out and enslave a person I perceive to be inferior to me?
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    Mercenaries Cup 5 Discussion

    This question has been fielded before, below and in every current match thread stating three maps to be played. The rules will remain unchanged for transparency, fairness, and protocol reasons till the next event. http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3474-mercenaries-cup-5-discussion/?p=32589 "4IC. KOTH Maps Best of 7 Rounds / First to 4 round wins. No time limit. I don't see why the "Best of 7 rounds" would be construed as "Best of 7 maps", but forgive me for mistaking this inquiry for the habit of certain community members to engage in disingenuous regulatory discussion.
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    Ban Appeals

    Reduced to a day
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    Mercenaries Cup 5 Discussion

    Best of 7 is first to 4. Much like best of 3 is first to 2 and best of 5 is first to 3. Please use a little more discretion next time before attempting to find fault where there is none.
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    Recruiting players

    Future nonsense posts in this thread and other recruitment threads are going to be deleted.
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    Ban Appeals

    Your steam community link is missing, in addition to which all your sentences should be on separate lines.
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    Ban Appeals

    When you're in a PuG, be aware that green text is admin-chat. I had told you to pick players after you became medic, but you kept shooting people on mid. If you intend to play on our servers in future, read these guides: http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/tutorials/article/9-getting-started-in-competitive-tf2-a-complete-guide/ http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/tutorials/article/19-setting-up-and-customisation/ http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/tutorials/article/10-guide-to-the-asiafortress-pug-mod/ http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/tutorials/article/11-a-guide-to-mumble-the-basics-suppressing-and-more/ Your ban has been reduced to a day. Use it to read those guides and understand the basics of 6v6 and our PuG system.
  15. iridescentFUZZ

    Ban Appeals

    Reduced to a day.
  16. This thread's purpose is the submission of server/plugin bug-reports, and for community members interested in participating in server/plugin bug-testing when it occurs. Helpful community members will receive one of these two beautiful badges designed by me. For bug reporting, use this thread to post your reports, and the following format for your posts: Date of bug occurrence: Time of bug occurrence(GMT +8): Server number and location: Type of bug/issue: (server, plugin or config related) Description of bug: Cause(s) of bug: (if unsure, list what you think may have caused it) If you would like to sign up as a bug-tester, please contact me, iridescentFUZZ on steam. Badges will be given out based on number of valid bug reports submitted(bonus points for bug causes) or number of sessions of bug-testing attended.
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    Bug-Reporting and Bug-Testing Initiative Thread

    Your feedback is appreciated.
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    Zed's Say Hi

    Greetings and beware the leafboy.
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    Ban Appeals

    Reduced to one day.
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    Heyo! :3

    Hello casual brethren.
  21. What a terrible asset to have, that is. Woe unto him who is a practitioner of the art of self-censorship; how vile to lay eyes upon the sight of all the pitiful human relationships he will preserve by holding his tongue when appropriate. And there's your problem. Conversely, a community that displays unfettered rage for new-comers or hell, even people who have been around but haven't learned as fast as some may like, simply because it is incapable of displaying maturity and understanding is infinitely better, yes? I had no idea you majored in psychology! However, as someone who is able to trace his distant lineage to the late Carl Jung, and taking great pride in family tradition I do consider myself a psychiatrist of sorts. My theory is that anger is a destructive force when allowed to run free as you so frivolously suggest. The anger of which you speak is akin to a road rage; all full of gusto and hot-blooded naivete, but sorely lacking in any direction, purpose or positive outlet. The only anger worth expressing is as distant from the anger of which you speak as the trees are from the stars; it is an anger that is hardly worth being referred to as such since it lasts mere moments before being transformed into something far greater; resolve. Even the gentlest and greatest of human beings experience, or have experienced anger, hatred, bitterness and resentment. Their legacy will live on not because they were ever-ready to spit vitriol like a swiftly uncoiling cobra, but because they conquered their inner rage and channeled it into a drive that often changed the world. As your resident hippy and bearded man, I exhort you to throw off your shackles of hatred and discover what it truly means to possess an unshakeable resolve. From my scientific leanings, allow me to leave you with a quotation attributed to the late, great Albert Einstein; one in which he states, "Anger dwells only in the heart of fools".
  22. Once a report has been submitted, the offender has 48 hours to post a protest response to the report in this thread. Please follow this format for reporting players that off-class excessively or unnecessarily: Off-classing player name: Off-classing player steam community link: Off-classing player steam ID(explanation below): Date: Time of day(GMT +8): Server number(Also state whether HK/SG/UAE): Map: Link to log file: If this is posted, Date, time, server number and map need not be posted. Only logs.tf logs will be accepted, so remember to go to our servers tab at the top and use the search function to find your log. Rules broken: Refer to this thread for the list of rules and pay attention to the last few paragraphs Please follow this format for protesting a report made against you: Off-classing player name: Off-classing player steam community link: Off-classing player steam ID(explanation below): Date: Time of day(GMT +8): Server number(Also state whether HK/SG/UAE): Map: Link to log file: Reason for rules broken/evidence that you did not break rules: To find a player's steam ID, simply follow this link, paste the player's steam community link in the search box and copy and paste the result from the 2nd box in your post.
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    Ban Appeals

    Ban reduced to 1 day
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    look at dem pro offclassers

    Well, I'm not sure what we're supposed to do then. Whether or not people felt aggrieved or wronged by the off-classing, there are no rules by which off-classers will be banned, and even if there were, this is not a case in which they would be banned.