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  1. russkan

    I'm sorry Spammah!

    love the irony of how aza is saying sorry.. i guess maturity doesnt come with age huh spammah
  2. russkan

    Post AFLAN.SG Thread

    well as much as i love to read this giant wall of text between two lovers.. lets talk about more important stuff yeah? Puzz... I want my bandito pocket meal!!!!
  3. russkan

    Need a Solly, Demo, or Medic mentor

    i think u should try to think of which one u wanna go for.. sol, demo or med.. not either of the three
  4. russkan

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    someone mentioned cs:go haha " I moved into CS: GO simply because new players are embraced and accepted." cs:go has a ranking system, such that people with similar skill levels play together, if a 4star ranked player played with a DMG or eagle... pretty darn sure there would be a fair amount of name-calling and complaints coming out from the higher skilled player.. any game with a "competitive" setting would have the same issues.. suck it up grow a pair
  5. russkan

    *UPDATED AFLAN.SG Registration

    Clan Name : coy Country : Singapore Clan Steam Community URL : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/secrettf2 Team Captain (with Steam ID & Steam URL) : russkan STEAM_0:0:2871777 http://steamcommunity.com/id/russkan Players (with Steam ID & Steam URL) : giovannie STEAM_0:1:20425040 http://steamcommunity.com/id/nmyarskzn/ tiffany STEAM_0:0:42104537 http://steamcommunity.com/id/youcannotseeanythingg/ abel STEAM_0:1:934422 http://steamcommunity.com/id/nnaxor/ harm.splashbros STEAM_0:1:16457424 http://steamcommunity.com/id/loopconvoy/ azazel.splashbros STEAM_0:1:35657178 http://steamcommunity.com/id/verybluebelly/ ricolee STEAM_0:1:5364018 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970993765//
  6. russkan

    URGENT: Poll for CU@LAN

    LAN march 23rd?
  7. russkan

    URGENT: Poll for CU@LAN

    postpone till next week and then can alr... then kips and i both can make it!!! #honestsuggestion #pls #
  8. russkan

    URGENT: Poll for CU@LAN

    i cant do 16th march!!! ahhhhhh
  9. russkan

    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    SO MANY WORDS! reading is hard stuff man.. honestly, being nice and helpful in pugs is really really tiring.. been there tried it, been nice and helpful for 3 days or smth then slowly all your buttons just get pushed and back to square one.. so i think its hard to ask of everyone to be nice all the time, people will have their good or bad days.. catch someone on their bad mood and shit happens yknow, its life.. @puzz, u always wanna fight only... pfft skinniboi rawrr
  10. russkan

    pug life

    another question will be how many of them will listen or even take it as "constructive criticism", tbh i see 75% of them just thinking that the guy calling is just a cocky smartass and ignore or just do the exact opposite..
  11. russkan

    Is anyone getting FFXIV : Realm Reborn

    its like what 15 bucks a month ah?
  12. teal wants a girlfriend? O.o
  13. russkan

    SMB the farmer coming to SG

    .. drive u la kay
  14. russkan

    SMB the farmer coming to SG

    @ blurrr of course... anyone is
  15. russkan

    SMB the farmer coming to SG

    Hey guys, so SMB is coming to sg and he asked me to try to arrange a soccer game going.. This will be on Saturday 27th July, Venue: TBC Time: 9pm +/- If you are interested to play please dont be shy Also, suggestions for convenient venues.. Thanks! note: u will get to watch nata cramp.. EDIT: confirmed 9pm at cage, kallang. http://2009.thecage.com.sg/where second edit: no smb cuz hes got the plague. BUT soccer still on! <3