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  1. G4vin

    Round 2: Hullo vs A%%

    Confirmed. No mercs from both teams
  2. G4vin

    Round 2: Hullo vs A%%

    Match delayed by 30 mins, now to be played at 10:30 gmt+8 G4vin: is it possible to delay the match by 15-30 mins c’est la vie: yes c’est la vie: we can start 10:30 c’est la vie: <3 c’est la vie: i confirm we move the match to 10:30
  3. G4vin

    Round 1: 31cfa vs Hullo

    KISEKI: you dont need to apologise rofl KISEKI: im afraid we're gonna forfwit KISEKI: i apologise for the late timing KISEKI: unfortunate really G4vin: i understand 31cfa forfeits.
  4. G4vin

    Round 1: 31cfa vs Hullo

    G4vin: cool, so this saturday 13th of jan 9 pm +8 gmt? qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq: yeap G4vin: imma post this on the match thread then qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq: kk Match to be played on the 13th of January, 9 pm +8 GMT.
  5. G4vin

    Round 7: huluX2 vs TooFluffyForYou

    G4vin: ms G4vin: i guess we'll play sunday then G4vin: but need a bit earlier, 8:30 can? ᵐˢ is now Online. ᵐˢ: OK Match scheduled at Sunday 8:30 +8 gmt.
  6. G4vin

    Round 2: TooFluffyForYou vs kweebs

    Confirmed, glhf
  7. hi, I am Pure Evil. I played tf2 for about 1500 hours and would really like to try competitive.
  8. G4vin