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  1. Frog

    AFC 13 Feedback Thread

    Throughout the season, many of team used mercs. This mean that even 10 players in roaster was not enough to gather 6 ppl. I personally think that restricting more members will do more harm then good. Also, can we get the proland? Normal badland maps are bad enough. And whole season we played normal version of badland. Wholeheartedly agreed with this post tbh.
  2. Frog

    Grand Finals: Abnormal Sodium vs Alphadog

    Enga: Thats fine. Well, my team has multiple problems as you know, and i found out yesterday that my roamer's sister has a birthday on saturday, and my scout sub's birthday is on sunday lmao. So basically we are screwed this week thats why we want a postpone but everyone on my team already agreed to Sunday 7:30pm if the postpone isnt allowed, so 7:30pm Sunday it is Frog.: Congrats for your roamer sister and sub's birthday. I'm really sorry match has been hectic. I will inform my team that we will play 7:30 gmt +8 on sunday Enga: Its ok
  3. Frog

    Grand Finals: Abnormal Sodium vs Alphadog

    Neosizzle, I don't know what enga told you before. But Enga agreed to play on this week sunday gmt+8 7:30pm.
  4. Frog

    [DIV 3] Top players in div 3?

    Alphadog: Team Done Kappa
  5. The epic meme game was very top notch Kappa.
  6. Frog

    Round 3: Arctic Fire Enable vs Alphadog

    Well, Friday is clearly busted. I will contact you asap.
  7. Frog


    1700 hours. play scout, pocket, demo, medic. wanna plays lotta pugs. thnx.