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    Hey there, my name is Str1der, LuLz is just a tag. I am actively looking for a 6v6 team as a Scout. Add me here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ZePr0phet_LFT_6v6_Scout

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  1. LuLz. Str1der

    Sniper Looking For A Home

    OMG ANOTHER ONE! MAN I PLAY A LOT OF CLASSES Summary: I want to play sniper. Div 2. Simple. Classes I also play: HL: -Heavy -Sniper (Preferred) -Pyro 6v6: -Scout -Soldier Please help me find a team if you can. I'm already in one but looking to change classes. IGNORE MY STEAM PROFILE LINK NAME PLEASE. STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ZePr0phet_LFT_6v6_Scout_Pyro_HL
  2. Welp, here we go again. Before I begin, let me just have a big thanks to catwank for guiding me throughout the TF2 Competitive Scene. Anyways, Same thing, i'm looking for a team, I can play Pyro but this post is mainly about Heavy. I have played heavy before for a DIV 3 team but now i'm looking for a DIV 2 team. Stats: 1700 Hours on TF2 Thanks for your time.
  3. LuLz. Str1der

    LFT Medic Main Looking For A Home

    Hey there, you might have seen my other posts on HL/6v6 as I wanted to be a pyro/scout. But here I am talking about my opportunities as Medic. I have 1630+ hours on TF (yes I have no life) and would love to join a Div 2 team. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ZePr0phet_LFT_6v6_Scout_Pyro_HL/ Previous experience: -Div 3 team "Trickstabz" Would love to upgrade my game to the next level. Thanks and have a wonderful time.
  4. LuLz. Str1der

    Looking for some players to join my team !

    Hi there, is it ok if I only have 60 hrs as pyro, but have 1630+ hours on tf? Thanks and would love to play for your team. P.S What div is your team?
  5. LuLz. Str1der

    [LFT] HL Pyro Looking For A Home.

    Hey there, I play Pyro and not really that new to the "competitive scene." I have 1630+ hours on TF2 and would love to be a Pyro main. You can give me tips and I will listen and apply. I have about 65 hours on Pyro and still want to learn and get better. I will mainly be looking for div 2 teams. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ZePr0phet_LFT_6v6_Scout_Pyro_HL/ Thanks and have a great day.
  6. LuLz. Str1der

    LFP players (deets inside)

    Hey there, I am willing to join your team as a scout main with 1630+ hours on TF. I can also play pocket solly but not as good as my scout. I am also a medic main with the most experience on the class. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ZePr0phet_LFT_6v6_Scout_Pyro_HL/
  7. LuLz. Str1der

    Recruiting Members

    Hi there, I have about 1630+ hours on TF2 and would love to be part of your highlander team. I am a pyro main. I can sometimes play on weekdays, mostly on weekends, and yea. Hope to be part of your HL team!
  8. Hey there, let's not waste any time. I am a 6's scout looking for a home/team. I have 100+ hours on scout and 1600+ on TF2. I used to play aggro scout for team Trickstabz, but sadly, they disbanded, leaving me without a team. I mainly look for Division 2 teams, for I am not good for Division 1 YET. I am based in Vietnam even though it says on my profile Japan. Key Notes: 100+ Hours On Scout 1600+ Hours On TF2 LFT Divison 2 Team (Division 1 If They Have Faith In Me) Good luck and if anybody wants to add me, click here.